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Transformation of Academic English!Why has it turned into a TOEIC course?
SONG Ju ha  |  philosophy33@gmail.com
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Updated : 2012.12.06  20:12:29
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  We take courses focused on conversation and writing during our first semester but the Academic English first and second class course has recently been changed into a TOEIC class. The testing system has also been transformed into a relative evaluation of students' TOEIC score. The system which has unexpectedly changed has aroused curiosity among many of the students'. If you also would like to answer this question, let's take a look at GILC (Gachon International Language Center) team leader Seung Yeon Oh‘s opinion. -Why has our University changed the Academic English class into a TOEIC class?

 Nowadays, students pay extra expenses for English education to academies in order to prepare themselves for the job market. Those who are looking for employment study for TOEIC by putting in a lot of time and effort. That is because most companies demand TOEIC scores, but most students have a hard time because they prepare for TOEIC during their senior year in college. For these reasons, our school has decided to teach the basic knowledge and forms of TOEIC beginning as a freshman course.

 -Then why are students only allowed to take the 1st and 2nd level courses?
 Academic English's 3rd and 4th level students usually receive high scores, so we believe that they are able to study themselves and raise their score individually. But the 1st and 2nd level students score very low, so the University decided to instruct and teach practical tips for preparing for TOEIC.

 -What do you think about the students’ response to the changed courses?
 The students who show positive attitudes say, "It is good to learn TOEIC course in school without going to a private academy. It is good to learn practical English." On the other hand, the students who have a negative take said, "I expected a conversation course from our university, but this is bad. It is unreasonable for an English learner who is not good at English to replace our midterm and final exam grade with a TOEIC score."
We have gathered our student opinions on the change of the TOEIC course, and also borrowed GILC (Gachon International Language Center) team leader Seung Yeon Oh‘s words. If GILC considers and evaluates positively the students’ opinions, they can offer better classes.

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