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Get It Beauty!To find my own color, the Personal Color Test
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 There are special people who look like they’re always standing under a spotlight. Although they are not especially beautiful, you can make a bright face by using personal colors. They borrowed the power of color to make their personality stand out more. It is an example of using harmonious colors that maximize the style and mood that match them according to their colors. Many people are paying attention to the personal color test, which guides them to be stylish according to their body type and mood.

What is Personal Color?
 The reason why the personal color test is in the spotlight is largely because of the influence of the changing era. Now more and more people freely reveal their individuality rather than try to fit themselves into society. And celebrities usually led the fashion trends in the past, but ordinary people have become influencers lending their styles to popular trends. As more and more people who have excellent makeup skills despite not being experts appear, we can easily learn various styling tips through the media. Accordingly, many people want to analyze their colors to make up themselves easier. In this article, we will learn more about the process of personal color tests.

 I visited Colorize, Gangnam to test my personal color. For a more accurate results, I went to the place without makeup. The test includes the step of feedback on your cosmetics. So, you must take the makeup cosmetics that you use daily, you can get feedback on yours. Reservations are essential before visiting so don’t forget to make a reservation on their website after checking your schedule if you want.

 The first step is a simple interview about the style of clothes you usually wear and the image you want to have. After the interview, the consultant explains the concept of personal colors and the classification of warm tones and cool tones by using fabrics of various colors before the test. And she puts the fabric on my shoulder to analyze the matching color and to find out the final personal color type. After all this process, you can also receive feedback on your usual makeup cosmetics and theme. I would like to share the information that I obtained in this test process.

Types of Personal color

 There are four types of personal colors: spring warm tone, summer cool tone, fall warm tone, and winter cool tone. First, in the case of spring warm tones, it is characterized by the vividness and brightness of the season of spring. This type is said to go well with colors with high brightness and chroma, and many Koreans correspond to this type. Second, summer cool tone is a clear and clean mood, and it is said that high brightness and low chroma colors match well. Autumn warm tones have a mature mood. So, low brightness and saturation and dark colors are mainly suitable. At last, the winter cool tone is luxurious and chic image, characterized by a color with strong contrast. You need to know about brightness and saturation to analyze your personal color. First, in the brightness part, a consultant looks into the degree of brightness of the face skin. At this step, you can check the brightness of your skin and hair color by putting a white, gray, or black cloth on your shoulder. She recommends the shade of foundation and hair color by the brightness. The next step is chroma, you can figure out which colors are suitable for you, a vivid primary color or a murky color mixed with other colors. After going through all these steps, I got to know the color types of the four seasons. It turns out, I am summer cool tone with dark eyes and hair color and pink skin tone.


Customized styling

 The consultant offered bits of advice about styling and make up based on the interview and comprehensive test results. She considered preferred tone, non-preferred tone, accessory color, cosmetics often used, and the mood that I answered. She said that cloudy color with low chroma is the best color, and that the pastel tone color fits well for a summer cool tone. Based on this advice, she let me know if the makeup cosmetics that I usually use are suitable for me, and recommend related products. This process was very helpful because she explained it in detail so that I can purchase the accurate product for actual use. And she recommends a base lip, a main lip, and a point lip separately. In the process, I can see immediately what colors usually suit me, and you I get practical help to make myself up.



 Actually, because I had some previous knowledge of my personal color I had guessed that I was a summer cool tone. But I think it was valuable to learn more details that I did not understand through the formal personal color test. It was also surprising that not everyone of the summer cool tone type matches the same color and styling, and the abstract concept of mood can be accurately understood as specific criteria. I could see with my eyes that my favorite color could be the worst color for me and the color that I want to avoid could be my best color. It was possible to broaden my viewpoint of color and understand each person’s color. I hope that you also refer to simple tests to find out your personal colors, even if they are not an official agency. Look into it more objectively and let's find out your own color. 

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