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Memorable Dramas in 2000s.zipLooking back on my childhood…
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2023.03.16  22:19:05
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 Recently, many people are watching dramas again that were popular from 1990s to the 2000s. With the development of OTT services, they can watch these shows anytime they wish. As they spend more time consuming contents in their daily lives, such as taking public transportation or eating, they enjoy dramas uninterruptingly for a long time. Many people reminisce about that time while watching the 2000s' famous dramas. Let's find into the 'Memorable dramas in 2000s.zip'.
High Kick!
 The long-running drama High Kick! is about the daily lives of a large family. The drama is characterized by characters who have friendly image that may exist around us. One of the characters, Jun-ha's successful employment episodes makes people feel warm comfort and love from the family. Jun-ha worked passionately for 15 years, but he is fired because of his foolish mistake. However, after three years of hard work, he finally gets a new job, and he has a celebration party with his family. So, he was so excited about his family's congratulations and his boss's compliments. But sadly, his joy doesn't last long. He got a call from the company during the party that Jun-ha's job disappeared because the company is about to be taken over. In the gloomy mood, Jun-ha blows out the candles of the cake. And he begins to sob in the darkness. The family endures his sadness together without turning on the lights so that Jun-ha can cry as much as he wants. And nobody presses Jun-ha to stop crying or encourage a hasty consolation.
Fantastic Couple
 The drama is about a woman, Anna, who is so smart and rich, but too honest and unfriendly, unlike the usual heroine at the time. One day, Anna loses her memory because of an unfortunate accident. Anna starts to live in a village where no one knows who she is and begins to get along with people who look at her as she is, regardless of her origin or educational background. Anna discovers her new charms during her life as a Na-sangsil. Her arrogant attitude that she can have everything she wants, becomes her courage. Also, her nervelessness which strictly evaluated her employee became the insight of Na-sangsil. Anna's charms begins to be exerted because of her new friend Na-sangsil. The character 'Na-sangsil' helps people immerse themselves in the drama by realizing the fantasy of people who want to go somewhere that doesn't evaluate themselves as having wealth or power.
 These dramas have still been loved because they make people feel empathy and fun through stories that are common in their daily lives. It also conveys the message that life isn't always fun, and it stands out that it contains our memories. These points provide comfort and unpredictable enjoyment for people. Unlike fast and stimulating contents, why don't you try old dramas that give you a glimpse of the style and culture of the 1990s and the 2000s?
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