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If you can be a character in the movie?
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 Have you ever been overly immersed in a character when you watched a movie? There are various characters in the movies like the main character, supporting actor, and extras that make the movie shine. Some might empathize and be moved by the character who plays the main role in the movie, but someone may sympathize much more with the character who comes out just for a moment. Then, what kind of character do you want to be in the movie? Or what character did you feel resembled you? Let me introduce the stories of the students who actively answered this question.

 Tim of ‘About Time’, Department of English Language and Literature 202232870 Park Seong-eun.
Tim is a person who can do time travel to protect his love. It is a family curse for Tim to cross time. Nevertheless, he takes risks and protects his love even by using the curse placed on his family for the person he loves. I also want to have a love that protects the person I love even sacrificing myself.

 Ed Bloom of ‘Big Fish’, Department of English Language and Literature 202232885 Lee Yu-min.
‘Big Fish’ consists mainly of the story of Edward Bloom's past adventure. And the storyteller is the son of Ed Bloom, Will. The father of Will who has a strong spirit of adventure is very different from me. I thought my life or values would grow if I experienced that adventure at least once. It might be reckless in some ways, but I am sure that I will be able to grow up through the challenge of adventure. Also, Edward falls in love with a woman so much like the time and space stop, and I also want to try a splendid love like the space and time stop.
 Miso of ‘Microhabitat’, Department of Industrial Design 202236286 Jeon Hae-in.
Miso, the main character of "Microhabitat" is a person who must end the day with a cigarette and a glass of whiskey even in poverty. She is a person who lives calmly without big happiness, and I'm curious about how I'm going to greet the day if I live like her. Also, I wondered what her life meant and why she was continuing to live. So I wanted to solve my question by living her life. Miso faces many unique events while living a calm life, but that is her daily life and that is her calm life. The life of the person who lives unusually but just lives calmly comes more unique than anyone else.
 John Keating of ‘Dead Poets Society', Department of Oriental Languages and Literature 202232977 Noh Kyeong-min.
 John Keating is a role of teacher of ‘The Dead Poets Society’. At first, he was greeted by the professor, and students often made fun of or ignored him. However, his sincerity for the students was felt by students so he began to gain the support of students. On the other hand, the professor hated this situation. So he tried to kick out Keating from school, but many people disagreed with it because Keating got lots of support from students. Later, unfortunately, Keating was kicked out of school. But the way he was kicked out, he was called the name he wanted to hear the most, and he felt the sincerity of the students and left after receiving greetings from many students. It is so cool to have the support of people who did their best through their sincerity.
 I was able to get answers from students who wanted to resemble a character who loved passionately, who loved adventure, who just lived a life, and who had a sincere heart. By hearing the characters and reasons that each student wanted to resemble, I could get a glimpse of their values, and at the same time, I could hear their goals. Like the students who answered, I recommend you to set a goal by taking time to think about the characters in the movie you want to be. Let's explore the way to become a new me through the movie.
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