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Preparation for a More Convenient University Life‘Kakaowork’ and Gachon’s official bot ‘Muhan’
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.12.29  15:21:15
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 Gachon University worked in collaboration with Kakao Enterprise in June 2022 on the messenger app ‘Kakaowork’ and the official chatbot BETA ‘Muhan’. Since these were created they have been helping Gachon students. About half a year after its release, many students are finding it useful, but it seems that only some of the numerous functions have been activated, so I will explain each of these in detail.

 At first, there is a chat room system that is similar to Kakaotalk, so we can use it easily. Its advantage is that a professor and student can chat or notify each other in a chat room, and we can check messages comfortably since the private messages and the group messages are separated. Also, the chatbot ‘Muhan’ can make the chat room according to the result of courses automatically and conduct away the student who dropped the course from the chat room. Above this, there are several convenient and simple functions such as survey, calendar, video conference, and schedule.

 Second, ‘Muhan’ is an official chatbot of Gachon, and it answers immediately when we ask something through it. The types of frequently asked questions are notice, entrance & graduation, contacts by department, academic calendar, and so on, and divided into three categories which are school affairs guide, university life, and admission guide. There are notices, enrollment/encouragement, leave of absence/return to school, courses, international exchange program, and so on in the school affairs guide category, and a campus map, a working support program, a guide for a shuttle bus, and so on in university life category. As last, the admission guide category includes guidelines for applicants, college entrance, transfer admission, and so on. Since ‘Muhan’ isn’t a system that relies on human answers but instead provides answers through implicit data, the answering is quick and not restricted in time or space.

 With this in mind, I think there will be some students who wonder about the differences from ‘the application ‘coursemos’ we used previously. It is similar in that it delivers notices from each course and the means of contacting the professor and student, but the practical use is different. While coursemos has functions primarily related to the course directly such as submitting the report and posting the recorded lecture, Kakaowork is a familiar application that gathers various functions together such as calendar, schedule, and so on for students to attend lectures easily and comfortably.

 So far, we have learned about ‘Kakaowork’ and “Muhan’. Although many students don’t use them well yet because of their recent release, I am sure that they will be more activated gradually because there are many functions helping the convenient university life. I think ‘Kakaowork’ and ‘Muhan’ are meaningful services since Gachon worked in the initial collaboration with Kakao Enterprise. I hope Gachon students have acquired useful information and use them efficiently through this article.
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