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The thoughts of the video producerSeo Yeon-soo, freelance video producer
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.12.29  01:02:02
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 Today, with the development of Content media, the number of people working on various media platforms (such as YouTube) is increasing. With the advance of cameras, filming has become easier, and with the development of “Short-form” contents, anyone can step into content production. As a result, many people want to editing video as a job. For these people, we prepared an interview with Seo Yeon-soo, a third-year freelance video editor and a member of the music video production team at “Velvet Studio” to find out the reality, circumstances, and value of the video editor.

1. Hello. Please Introduce yourself.
 Hello, I'm Seo Yeon-soo, a freelance editor. I majored in photography and media communication, and now I'm working on video editing.
2. Do you have any reason or opportunity to do video editing?
 When I was young, I liked to watch video contents like movie. After I grow up, I majored in photography in college, and I made ‘Fashion photograph making films’ as an assignment. This assignment made me interested in video. Also, the library media room is well-equipped, so I often watched videos in various formats from old videos to Blu-ray movies whenever I had time. Due to these experiences, I wanted to make them myself beyond watching them. So, I started studying video editing.
3. How did you study video production?
 When I left for language training, Vlogs were in full swing, so I made a YouTube channel for Vlogs and learned editing tools while producing on my own. Since then, after transferring to the Department of Media Communication at Cyber University, I have gained knowledge of the theory of content. And gained experience in short film through club activities.

4. What are the pros and cons of working as a freelancer?
 The advantage is convenient to manage schedules relatively because there is no fixed commuting time. Depending on the project, I can get high income. The drawback is that imports are unstable. Since I don't get paid, the profits are different for each project unit price. Also, I don't have a fixed commute time, I need to work holiday sometimes.
5. How freelancer choose project?
 We usually receive work requests acquaintances around us or social media portfolio accounts such as Instagram. In my case, I work as a video team contract employee at the recording studio in addition to outsourcing work. Also, I participate in music videos, live performances, and sketch videos.

6. What is the most important point of making the video?
 It's a message. Visual is also important, but I think it's important not to lose the message you want to convey. In the case of music videos, we talk a lot about the lyrics with musicians. We have lots of meeting on the emotions and topics they wanted to contain, and when the process is organized, they also have a meeting on how to express them visually. Based on the previous conversation, if we have any moods or references that you have come up with, share them as much as possible and coordinate their opinions. Through this process, we can find and refine the message they wanted to express.
7. What was the most difficult piece to work on?
 It's "Lonewolf" by Koul, the dramatize music video. The location was Jeju Island, but due to the limited number of people and budget, it was difficult to recruit and explore places. I collected as much data as I could in online, produced a content, and prepared a shoot. There were many variables such as weather and tourists at the place, artists and staff suffered a lot because it was different from the actual one unlike in online. Through this experience, I also learned that outdoor shooting requires many variables by making an elaborate plan.
8. As the number of video media increases, trends that match them are emerging very quickly, so what kind of study is needed to catch them quickly?
 I think it's important to watch a lot of things. Whether it's YouTube, movies, books, or watching people, you need to watch it a lot and accumulate it in your head to use it as an idea someday. These days, I watch a lot of short-form contents and entertainment video in YouTube And if there is an exhibition of my favorite artist, I visit and watch it.
9. Please advise the qualities to people who want to work in the video production industry.
 I think meticulous is import. I had a project to take a sketch film of an overseas indie musician. In the process of communicating via e-mail in advance, reference delivery was omitted,
And the equipment which the client wanted in filming method was not equipped. I filmed without the equipment, but I received feedback that client was dissatisfied. It was a regrettable experience that I wanted to figure out the details of the delivery carefully.
 Through the interview, we can know the work and thoughts of the video editor. The most important thing when working on video production is thinking about how to deliver a message so that people can understand it. Identifying how to deliver the message and communicating with colleagues are the key to video production. Above all, when figuring out trends, encountering many contents, film videos, and produce contents of various genres are important. I hope this article will be helpful to people who want to work in video production.
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