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Reveal Your Hidden Personality!Everyone can be a trend reader in Short-form contents
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.12.28  23:03:58
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 Recently, we can easily find short-form content on SNS so many people are also enjoying this content everywhere. There are various genres of videos about pets, sports, daily looks, and dancing challenges. Let's find out how these short-form content have become a center of trends.

 Even though the short-form content are just short videos, they are loved by many people because they are giving such great fun. The length of content consumed by the MZ generation is getting shorter recently. We can find the flow of content consumption that people prefer videos that can deliver be quickly and fully condensed.
 We can enjoy short-form videos in a short time everywhere and anytime. In addition, it reflects user's preference and trends directly. An algorithm that analyzes the user's tendencies recommends things are fascinating.
 And some content that related to your favorite channel may be automatically recommended to you. In this way, many users have become a big fan of entertainers who are introduced through short-form content. In fact, there are many Youtubers and influencers in which short-form content is automatically recommended to users, increasing their fans.

Instagram Reels
 Many K-pop singers use Instagram Reels as an essential means for promoting their new song. When K-POP singers release their new songs, many of their fans and singers participates in dancing challenge and uploads on many platforms. It includes the highlight part of the song and choreography within 30 seconds. So, anyone can participate in easily and the singers can collaborate with other artists, making it fun to watch the challenge video. For example, there are Street Man Fighter's Newthing Challenge and Nayeon's POP! Challenge.
YouTube Shorts
 Shorts, YouTube's short-form content, can be exposed to more people than ordinary YouTube videos because of short running time. It is also easy to produce Shorts, so many YouTubers promote their channels through the Shorts. Representatively, there is <One Minute Took-Tak bro's Cooking>, a YouTube channel that uploads 'One-minute cooking videos that are edited for Koreans'. It presented a one-minute video of Korean's favorite cooking recipes, recording 830,000 subscribers and 132 million cumulative views.
 Short-form contents are expected to grow bigger with live commerce as well as other universal SNS such as Instagram and YouTube. Making and sharing short videos has been already become a social culture. These days, movies and dramas are edited as 'five-minute summaries' and users prefer the efficiency of time. So, short videos that only show highlights to attract more users will increase so that they gain more popularity of channel. In addition, anyone can create their own content and get a chance to become the center of the trends. I hope many people will also feel the joy of being producers using the Short-form content platforms.
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