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For Those Who Forget the Safety RulesGachon University Safety Training Institute
Cho Eun-Seon  |  eunseon1873@gmail.com
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 Have you ever heard of Gachon University Safety Training Institute? This is a research institute run by Professor Heo Eok, of the Department of Public Administration. Their goal is mainly to try to prevent safety accidents in our daily lives by holding relay campaigns related to safety rules. Let's find out about the Gachon University Safety Training Institute.
Let's put a safety cover on the blade of a forklift!
 According to statistics, 2,062 of people died from industrial accidents in 2020. And among them, 458 of people died at construction sites, accounting for about a quarter. One of the major influences on accidents at construction sites is the blade of forklifts. The blades of forklifts are so sharp that they hurt not only construction workers but also pedestrians. And if a forklift collides with a car while driving on the road, the risk is even greater. In July 2021, Gachon University Safety Training Institute informed Seongnam citizens of these problems and donated forklift blade covers to the construction site of Pangyo operated by Hyundai Engineering & Construction.
 As an extension of this campaign, Gachon University Safety Training Institute, the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, and Seongnam City Council held a "meeting to prevent safety accidents for workers in Seongnam City." They stressed that the city should actively hold a safety accident prevention campaign and enact a safety ordinance for workers in Seongnam City.
Let's put charcoal in a grill container!
 When replacing a grill in a meat restaurant, most people hang a long iron rod in the grill hole and lift it. However, if they move with a hot grill heated by the fire, they can get burned and there is a risk of dropping it. In order to prevent such accidents, Gachon University Safety Training Institute donated 30 safety grill containers that can contain charcoal and grill to the Korea Federation of Restaurants.
 As such, Gachon University Safety Training Institute has been continuously holding campaigns to remind us of safety rules that are easy to overlook. Since safety insensitivity is prevalent socially, we usually live with the complacent expectation that "nothing will happen," and this perception is making safety accidents continuously prevalent everywhere. If we strive for safety with the idea that we may be the victims of accidents, accidents will be much less frequent.
 Following is the <10 Rules for the Safety Public Communication> created by Professor Heo Eok, head of the Gachon University Safety Training Institute. I hope everyone who reads this article remembers and practices these rules.
1. To prevent COVID-19, wear a mask, wash your hands often, and don't have group meetings
2. Do not jaywalk, and walk on the right side of the crosswalk
3. Observe the stop line and give way first
4. Pedestrians check to see if the car stops, and drivers check to see if there are pedestrians
5. Know about suicidal symptoms such as despair, pessimism and call 1393 if found
6. Check the location of the emergency exit
7. Learn CPR
8. Install a fire extinguisher at home and check safety
9. Check if there is a floor before getting on the elevator
10. Use Safety belts for driving, safety helmets and safety shoes for construction sites, and life vests for water play
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