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'한마음' FestivalGachon University's 10th Anniversary Event
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Sehmin: For the first time in a while, I felt refreshed and lively. Everyone seemed excited like those at the end of a long war and now facing more hopeful days. We sprayed water on each other, this made me feel like we were back in our childhood. I felt a sense of pride in the school. How the school held this kind of splashing event and invited gorgeous singers to give a valuable experience to students.
Hyunjin : It was very fun to have a first chance to enjoy a festival at school sine entering the school. Through various booths, I could get a glimpse of the culture of international students. Also, we made new memories while enjoying the performance of the invited singer together.
Haejin: This festival was my first festival since I entered university. In fact, I was worried about Covid-19, but when I arrived, many people were already enjoying eating delicious food at the food truck. I was surprised the scale of the festival was bigger than I expected, and I felt comfortable with the stress-free atmosphere. I'm already looking forward to the next festival.

Eunseon: I don't usually like to go to festivals like this, but this time, it was so much fun because it was my first time in almost three years. It was really good that I could hang out with many people and enjoy the stage without worrying about COVID-19.I felt that COVID-19, which seemed to never end, was ending. And I'm looking forward to Gachon University's fall festival in October. Since it is a much larger festival than this event, we will be able to enjoy and experience more things.

Seyoung: Gachon Hanmaeum Festival, which had been postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19, was finally held again. Almost 6,000 students enjoyed the water slide and had fun with water guns, getting close to daily recovery. I was so excited to enjoy the performance by dancing and cheering together. Although I couldn't enjoy the festival last year, I was happy to make unforgettable memories with friends through this festival.
Soonchan: It is the first festival held at Gachon University since I entered the university. It was also more meaningful as it was the first festival since COVID-19. The festival was so fun that it reminded me of Psy's drenched show. I felt like I was relieving my stress while enjoying the festival.

SuHyun: Although I don’t usually like getting wet, but this festival was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had. I wasn’t the only one getting thrown into a pool by their friends. It was a pure chaos, but also really fun! Aside from getting to see Jessi and HyunA performing live on stage, it was truly amazing to see hundreds of students enjoying themselves and having fun.
Junyeong: The Han-maum Festival made me forget about the stress of the pandemic for a while.
I felt thankful for the festival because it helped heal my feelings of depression caused by life during Covid-19. I felt alive while meeting people for the first time, sharing laughter and playing around.
Taeseok: This festival was my first university festival. Playing in the water with my college friends in the playground was so much fun and it became a good memory. And I relieved stress about studying for the exam and my grades. This gave me strength to study harder. I am grateful to Gachon University for providing this festival.
Yeonwoo: The first festival spent at Gachon University was more fun than I expected, and it felt like a big event to welcome the hot summer. It was fun to hang out with seniors and juniors, enjoy the festival, and have a chance to get close to each other. It became a more enjoyable and memorable festival because the school invited two favorite celebrities. Of course, I was bumped by people here and there because of the passion of students for celebrities, but this is also meaningful because it seems to have become a memory. I was happy that the end of COVID-19 seemed to be gradually appearing as a fun festival in a social atmosphere had always previously been dampened by COVID-19.


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