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The Musical 'Menopause'The revolt of the woman who had been hiding.
BYUN Eun mi  |  bem3897@gmail.com
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ne day we will be married to someone and perhaps be a parent. For women, becoming a mother is something naturally expected, but it is a very difficult job. To bear a child and nurture them, watching them grow up so much responsibility, indeed. The Musical 'menopause' has taught me things that only a mother would know. We always think that a mother's main objective in life is to care for her child, but what we don't know is the pain and agony that mothers suffer while raising us.  
  The Musical 'Menopause' tells us that women that experience menopause are not losing their female identity, but in fact renewing their lives. In addition, if you visit the theater, we can be cured and think positively. Fancy stage costumes and funny dialects appeal to the audience, and the musical is very spectacular. The music consists of tracks from the 1960's~1980's. We can sing together and enjoy old pop through the experiences you have never had. Actors often go down to the stage and talk to audiences in their seats, even eat snacks and shake hands. They communicate, dance, and sing along together. When it is all over, we have a chance to think about our lives in a positive perspective.
  Up until now, you may have been familiar with women’s plays where a woman commits her life to her family, which are often very sad. However, with this musical, we can enjoy with our mothers, bond with them, not as mother and daughter, but as a woman. 

  Here are some other musicals which are similar to 'menopause.'
1) Dance Lesson: famous actress Go Du-Sim was chosen to play the main role of the play. This play is a celebration of the 40-year anniversary of her acting career. It consists of various dances from tango to waltz. We can witness six different styles of dancing and enjoy passionate acting.
2) Mother: The Memory Show: This play began in August and finished on September 25th. American media has given it a big thumbs up. It is a comedy about a mother with Alzheimer’s disease and a daughter.
3) Wonder Woman Festival: On October 13th, Korea's biggest women’s festival was held in Noeul Park. This festival held lessons, concerts, and plays for women audiences. The special guests were Park Gyeung-Lim, Hong Seck-Chen, Han Hae-Jin, and Jeong-Mok. There were many wonderful lectures and performances as well.


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