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We Have Enough Time to Make Our Dreams Come True.Those who never give up to build up themselves, Student Kim Minju (Department of Korean, Class of ’19)
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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 Most students may have some worries about employment. It requires not only a high grade but also beefing up the resume to get a high-quality job. But it’s not easy to get essential information related to employment while students devote themselves to study. Therefore, I would like to introduce a student, Kim Minju who challenges various extracurricular activities and puts up a good effort. She was awarded the minister prize as FEALAC, representative of the people by communicating with Central and South Americans those who have low accessibility for Korea. Also, she is an influential blogger who challenges various extracurricular activities related to her major and uploads pass/fail reviews of various external activities to the category of "Must-win Extracurricular Activities."

1. What’s the most memorable activity during the FEALAC representative session?
The most memorable activity was public interview hosted by Diplomatic Service. Because it took a lot of time preparing the interview questions and contact with interviewee. Our team had a hard time preparing everything about the project. I am usually interested in writing, so the project was meaningful because it gives me a chance to meet practicians and authors.
2. Can you tell me the reason why did you applied to FEALAC and what you gained from the activity?
I was interested in extracurricular activities and applied to several activities. But my top of priority was writing. I think that tests and literature symbolize the country and the time in which they were written. So, I wanted to gain a chance to engage public diplomacy through the FEALAC for Latin America.
3. When you communicate with Central and South Americans, what was the most important thing?
At first, I wanted to aim for literary exchange, but it wasn't easy as I thought because of language limitations. Therefore, from the very first moment, we considered it important to make it easy to access. If people feel burdened or difficult to accept information, it could be rejected and have negative effects. So, we tried to think at the standpoint of the information consumer.
4. Did you ever have a hard time while you were participating in so many things to achieve excellent results as FEALAC?
We regularly wrote articles for various topic, and it was the hardest topic about "investment." It was not easy to think about how to reflect new topic for the article in a short time.
5. You've challenged a lot of activities, but didn't it interfere with your major study?
If I said, ‘no,’ it would be a lie. As I didn't do a leave of absence and did both school life and activities at the same time, I didn't have enough time to complete everything. I was so busy, but I did it one by one with the mind of "I have to do." In the case of homework, I summited work by writing reports for topics related to extracurricular activities.
6. What do you think are the “must-win tips" for activities?
I think i
t is important to understand what kind of people interviewer wants. You'd better express yourself rather than response formal and correct answer. It must be able to show that you're interested in the activities. The most important thing is not to be disappointed by the numerous fails, but to be confident. You have to express your individuality with confidence.
7. What made it possible to share its reviews even though you failed the activity?
As I continued to fail from the activity recruitment, I thought that was not building up myself, but closing to '0'. However, I realiz
ed that it would be a meaningful experience if I use the failures as a content. If you answer the same as others, you may fail because it is a common answer. I shared the review of the failure because I thought it can help finding out the way to pass. And I can catch the point what to improve myself at the review of the failure. Sharing the reviews, I realized that the failure was not shameful or a something to hide. Showing empathy and supporting each other on blogs was encouraging and a stepping stone for the next challenge.
8. Do you have any dreams that you want to achieve in the future?
The ultimate goal is to write something that moves a person's heart. Specifically, I want to work in Korean Studies Research Institute that supports and promotes Korean. Since I think that literature can be a medium between humans and countries, I am currently engaging in related activities hosted by the Foreign Office.
 I met a student Kim Min-ju, who builds up herself by combining her dreams and interests with various activities. I was impressed that she set detailed goals and achieve them one by one to write her ultimate goal, 'writing that moves people's hearts.’ If you hesitate to challenge yourself, there would be nothing behind you. And you might be blocked by fear about external activities. Why don't you set specific goals and interests so that experience appropriate activities? We can easily find out announcements for extracurricular activities and competitions hosted by various institutions and jobs on websites with just a few clicks. Let's look around various activities that you are interested in and keep challenging. I hope that Gachon University students take more step toward their future by achieving their goals.


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