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The Dangers of the Internet in the Movie, 'Search'The story of father who found his missing daughter through endless effort and will, Search’
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.06.28  12:48:39
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 This is the digital age. We utilized the Internet usefully by getting a great quantity of information through the Internet and running an SNS account. However, there are many cases where the information is misused or distorted, and crimes such as impersonation, fraud, and invasion of privacy are sometimes committed. Let’s look into the dangers of the Internet through the movie ‘Search’.

 The movie ‘Search’ is famous for its well-organized content and sensation of immersion, but what is the most known widely is that almost everything is driven by devices on the Internet. For example, the scene where the father and the daughter talk before the daughter goes missing is through a screen where they exchange messages, and when the father asks around to find the missing daughter, it is directed to a screen containing the daughter's SNS account that the father looks at carefully. So, what else does this uniquely directed movie contain?

 As I mentioned before, ‘Search’ is the story of a father who finds his missing daughter. After her mother Pam died because of cancer, Margot lives with her father David. One day, Margot left the house to go to a study group, and she disappears with three left calls. David made a call to Margot too late, but she did not take the phone call. David who was in a hurry contacted Margot's friends for a study group, but there is no one who was Margot. Eventually, David reports her missing to the police, and detective Vick is assigned to the case. After that, David and detective Vick search for clues, but things go wrong as they are in hurry. Then, although detective Vick suggests the possibility of running away from home, David answers she wouldn’t do that. However, after checking the video Margot streamed previously, the possibility of running away from home increases. Even, through the comments on the streaming video, David finds out that she feels awkward with her father. Detective Vick consoles him who is disappointed in many ways, saying that her son secretly did bad things and she once covered up his son's fault with a lie.

 Frustrated by his return to square one, David finds a familiar background while rewatching Margot's streaming video at night. While searching for clues right after her disappearance, he notices that the lake he saw on Margot's Tumblr account and the lake she introduced saying that Margot comes when she has a lot of thoughts on streaming are the same place. David immediately tells detective Vick, and the police, including detective Vick, start to search the next day. However, the evidence discovered by the lake associates us with Margot being assaulted or kidnapped. A day after the search began, heavy rain pours down, and the search is stopped. The situation is becoming more and more famous through the media, and classmates who said they had never seen Margot post messages or videos on Facebook or Twitter saying they were Margot's friends. Derick, who has been sexually harassing Margot by posting sexual comments on her Instagram for a long time, lies that she is at his home when he hears the news that Margot is missing, and people even make false rumors that it is his father's self-made drama, so David lives painfully every day. Meanwhile, detective Vick contacts him that she caught the murderer, and points out Randy as a suspect, who had a criminal record. But, rumors are circulating that Randy committed suicide with a gun after posting a video of his confession because of guilt. That's how the investigation ends.

 To get himself together, David who was trying to upload a picture of Margot to an online memorial altar discovers something strange. A photo of anonymity talking with Margot in a streaming video appeared in a pop-up window with the customer center's contact information. It turned out that the person who wrote the comment is impersonating the photo model's face as a profile picture, and David contacted the police station to find out that detective Vick was not assigned to the case, but volunteered. The murderer that detective Vick said she caught is an acquaintance of detective Vick, and detective Vick deliberately asked him to pretend to confess. To bottom line is, that the real culprit was detective Vick's son, and detective Vick intentionally volunteered to cover up her son's mistake and skillfully made up the case so that his son would not be suspected. I paid attention to the danger of the Internet in this movie. I picked two scenes that reveal the dangers. The first one is the dissemination of false information, and the second one is the impersonation problem. As Margot’s missing incident becomes famous through the news, the relevant articles pour out here and there. The most shocking thing among them is Derick who lies that Margot is at his home. Derick has been making sexual comments on Margot's Instagram for a long time, so when he gets a chance to draw attention, he becomes an obstacle to the progress of the criminal investigation by spreading false information. Because of this, David gets upset. As a result of the physical fight, speculation is rampant that David is the real culprit and he is blamed for the assault, leading to secondary damage. We can see the impersonation problem through the behavior of anonymity who set the model’s picture as a profile on Margot’s streaming video and make comments. As David misunderstands the real criminal as the photo model, Detective Vick has more time to craft the case, and the model is stolen and her portrait rights are violated. Even though I leave out, more dangerous things could happen in reality.

 I mentioned only the dangers of the Internet that are revealed obviously in the movie, but there are many more unhealthy and dangerous cultures and crimes in reality. If what Derick said is accepted as fact in the movie, Margot could be a victim of sexual assault along the line. Therefore, we should accept the copious amounts of information on the Internet critically, and use it efficiently in line with the digital age as if David collected clues through a number of SNS accounts and sites.
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