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The New Ribbon of Gachon UniversityHan In-ho and Jung Ho-jun, the presidents of the 38th student council ‘RE:BORN’ of Gachon University Global Campus
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 In November last year, the 38th student council election of Gachon University was successfully held. ‘RE:BORN’, elected as the Global Campus Student Council, promised to achieve harmony among Gachon University students under the slogan "Our Ribbon that has begun again", and has been striving to fulfill its pledge since shortly after the election. What is the story that Ribbon wants to tell Gachon University students? We met with Han In-ho (Department of Electronic Engineering, Class 2017), the president of "Ribbon," and Jeong Ho-joon (Department of Physics 2017), the vice-president, to talk.

1. Please tell us how you feel about becoming the president and vice president of the student council.
 Thank you to the people of the election campaign headquarters, our acquaintances, and the students who were interested in the election and voted. We will remember that we were elected thanks to the students. And we will do our best during our term so that those who trusted us and cheered for us will not be disappointed.
2. Is there any special reason why you ran for president and vice president of the student council?
 The most regrettable part of COVID-19 was that school life was non-contact. Events and classes continued to be held non-contact, even though there were already many students at Gachon University who didn’t attended school regularly. I wanted to give freshmen the joy and memories of our college life and wanted to remind others of the beautiful memories we had before.
3. What kind of college life did you spend before running for the election? What do you think made you who you are now?
 We have been members of the student council of the department since we were freshmen. At that time, we met good people and made good memories, and for us as freshmen, the organization called the Student Council remained a good feeling. Naturally, we wanted to do more student council activities, and when preparing to return to school in the military, we wanted to let juniors know about the great feelings and memories we felt when we were freshmen. This experience seems to have made us who we are now.
4. What do you think is the most necessary and important quality as a student president and vice-chairman?
 We think the most necessary qualities are leadership, and the important qualities are responsibility. Currently, the total student council consists of about 30 people, led by us. In order to lead the 30 members of student council for a year, I think leadership is essential. In addition, since the positions of student president and vice president represent about 18,000 Gachon University students, I think it is important to act with responsibility for everything.
5. What's your most important pledge?’
 Among our pledges, we consider Replay(Event)’ and ‘Education’ the most important. We would like to provide good memories for a year by planning various events that students have not enjoyed so far. In addition, we would like to provide a better educational environment and various academic opportunities for the right to an education that was not fully guaranteed by COVID-19.
6. What do you want to improve the most as a student president and vice president?
 There are so many things we want to improve, but I think students should study in college comfortably, so we plan to repair poor facilities and increase welfare resources. For example, we will install vending machines and expand dryers in dormitories, reduce the dispatch interval of shuttle buses, and get safety diagnoses in old buildings to improve students' comfortable school life in various ways.
7. What do you want to differentiate yourself from the last student council, Woollim? Or, what do you take over from them?
 This year, we will try to become a student council that is faithful to the basics and makes students study happily rather than taking over the last student council and making a difference. I would appreciate it if you could support our student council ‘RE:BORN’ in the future.
8. What kind of student council do you want to be remembered as at Gachon University?
 We want to restore our old daily lives to students who have not enjoyed college life properly due to COVID-19. In this regard, we will try to ensure that the school operates as before COVID-19, and plan and conduct various fun events. I want to make a year that will remain a good memory for students.
9. Do you have any advice for freshmen and enrolled students who aim to be the president of the student council and the vice president of the student council?
 I'd like to tell them to do as many activities as possible. Through various activities, we were able to meet various people and have a wide range of eyes. In addition, by directly participating in various programs run by the school, we were able to feel directly what parts students would be uncomfortable with and what parts they would like.
10. Please say a word about your future commitment.
 The owner of the school is a student, and the student council is a student self-governing organization, not a school organization. In order to protect student rights and interests, which are the functions of the student self-governing body, and to promote student welfare, active interest and participation from classmates are required. We will become a student council that listens to the voices of the classmates and represents their opinions and a student council that accepts criticism in a humble attitude and is trusted. Please pay a lot of attention to the activities of the ‘RE:BORN’ student council in 2022 and ask for your continued support and encouragement.
 So far, we have heard the story of the president of the 38th Student Council ‘RE:BORN’. As President Han In-ho said, the owner of the school is a student. Therefore, in order for schools to grow, the role of the student council is also important, but the voluntary participation of students is essential. Earlier, RE:BORN emphasized communication, saying they would actively accept students' opinions. If you continue to pay attention to the projects promoted by the student council, and further, work as an executive of the student council, you will be able to have a more fruitful school life. In addition, participating in a survey conducted by the student council or sending policy proposals is also helpful in creating a better Gachon University. The activities of the RE:BORN can be found on the Instagram page below.


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