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Your Only One SentenceLet's share the most impressive sentence in the book
Cho Eun-Seon  |  eunseon1873@gmail.com
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Who: Gachon Herald reporters
When: From September 17th to September 26th, 2021
Where: On the Gachon Herald Facebook page
What: Choose the most impressive sentence from a book you've read and write it in the comments.
Why: “A book must be an axe to break the frozen sea within us.” This is the word of Franz Kafka, a German-speaking Bohemian novelist. We have read dozens and even hundreds of books so far, but when asked what our favorite phrase is, everyone will answer differently. Among the many sentences that Gachon University classmates have read, what was the best sentence that touched their hearts and broke the "frozen sea" within them? This Gachon Herald Special Event was prepared to figure out the students’ various thoughts.
How: Students write their favorite phrases and reasons on the Gachon Herald Facebook page. The Herald reporters will offer Twosome Place Americano e-coupons to two random students.
Prizewinner: Lee Si-Young
Ichiro Koshimi, Fumitake Kouga, <Courage to Be Hated>
"It's okay if you don't have a goal or anything. Living ‘now and here’ genuinely is a dance in itself. You don't have to be serious. Don't get confused between living genuinely and seriously.”
In my life, I used to forget the present moment due to regrets about the past and worries about the future. But after reading this sentence, I realized that the most important thing is the moment and I should live now faithfully.
Prizewinner: Cho Da-Min
Jane Austin, <Pride and Prejudice>
"We are full of our ideas and prejudices. No matter how fair you think it is, in the end, it was also a subjective view."
Before I saw this phrase, I always thought there was right or wrong in someone's thoughts, and I have thought my opinions were always right. But this phrase awakened me into thinking this was arrogance.
 During the event, it was nice to be able to find out various thoughts, such as what sentences the students found impressive and what they felt after reading them. In my case, I like Kim Yeon-Soo's book "If the Waves Belong to the Sea" the most, and among them, the sentence "If the Waves Belong to the Sea, mine is to think of you" is the most memorable. It was a letter written by the main character's mother to the main character, and it was good to see the parents' heart for their daughter. I also thought that I should be a parent who could say such warm and thoughtful words to my daughter. Although this event is over, I hope that students reading this article also can look back on their reading experiences.


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