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Finally, Gachon University’s Website Refurbished Since It Opened In 2012.The Homepage Has Been Customized For Users.
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.12.21  21:42:48
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 For the first time, the school website that Gachon University students and faculty used to visit several times a day was reorganized. As it was furbished about 10 years after the Gachon University website was opened, it has developed much more, and many functions have been added. I would like to inform new functions of the website that have changed to promote the school and focus on users through this article for students.
The new design of the homepage
 The first thing that stands out among the changes of the homepage is design. Reactive web page is newly applied to homepage so that page seems to play the video when we scroll down. Main purpose of the refurbishment is making promotion platform to strengthen the branding of Gachon University and the customized space for website users. Unlike the previous website, we can see the Gachon University's research results and news articles as soon as just click the website after the refurbishment.

The menu of the website is customized for users

 The next thing that changed is the user-centered menu composition. In the previous website, there were many complains that various functions were not organized and the website menu cannot be found immediately. However, the menu window has been seperated, making it easier to find the website menu without several clicks after the refurbishment. In addition, the website of each university departments which were not activated and cannot obtain any information was activated. And students' classes and photos of the student council are attached, and introduction videos, announcements, and archives for each department are also available on the website. In addition, the page of the university's organizations has become easily accessible on the website. Representatively, there is a dormitory website, which was changed to be access at once after the refurbishment. And it was very difficult to access dormitory applications, announcements, and reward and punishment inquiries. And pages such as Gachon University newspapers, graduate schools, Artechne Centers, and the international exchange office are activated, allowing access to information through a single access to the website.
Individualization of Gachon portal sites
 Last, it is a system that students use the most. If you access the portal menu, you can check the overall school life, credits, and announcements immediately, such as the status of credit acquisition, curriculum, status of course registration, and timetable. Also, certification services, space rental, and on-site practice manuals that can be used on campus can be found briefly, allowing students to have personalized spaces one by one.
 Website is automatically connected to optimized mode for each accessing device and can be used on three devices: mobile, PC, and tablet. And VR tour has been created that you can vividly tour the two campuses of Gachon University, the Hawaii Center, and the Creative Factory.
 The school website is the first space for the public, including high school students and parents, as well as university students and faculties to recognize the school's image. The way to take care about school is managing its website and communicating with students. It will help promoting and developing the school, and it is expected to contribute a lot to strengthening the brand of Gachon University in the future. With online courses still going on, I expected that it will be convenient for students and faculty members who check and manage many notices and academic administration in online. I hope that this refurbishment of the homepage will contribute to the development of Gachon University and the convenience of students, and give an opportunity to properly utilize various functions.
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