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Museums for HomebodiesAbout the online exhibitions we can see from home
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Updated : 2021.12.20  19:30:15
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  Due to the long-lasting effects of COVID-19, it has become difficult to engage in cultural activities such as seeing exhibits. Many exhibition halls, including the National Museum of Korea, also operate free online exhibits using VR technology, so that visitors can see the exhibited works in a virtual environment. This is important not only to deal with the COVID-19 but also to make it possible to see exhibitions that were held only in a specific place and period, regardless of time and place. Can online viewing continue to be a popular choice after COVID-19? Let's find out by looking at the cases of of the National Museum of Korea and the Savina Museum.


 In the National Museum of Korea, you can see not only many examples of Korean cultural heritage but also exhibits brought from overseas. You can click the part described in VR or use a mouse wheel to make the commentary section large and easier to read. Also, commentary videos that are usually viewed at the museum can be viewed more clearly in the enlarged state than in the offline exhibition hall. This also has the benefit of being able to view the video from the beginning, unlike the offline exhibition hall where people watch the video from the middle. The writer felt that the video naturally blended with the VR exhibition hall. The National Museum of Korea is not just a VR exhibition hall, but also there are many video materials organized by the themes to experience various things.
 The Savina Art Museum has broken the limits of museums that exhibited only at specific times and has made it open to the public at any time through the online exhibition hall. Before entering the VR exhibition hall, it was easy to know who the artist is and how they were made, the number of works exhibited in total, and the theme of the exhibition. That you can see various works by entering the online exhibition hall, which not only enlarges the works by clicking on them but also allows you to see the pictures in full detail. Also, you can check the description of the exhibits by clicking the QR code next to the work.
 So, will online viewing continue after the COVID-19 is over? Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of online exhibition halls compared to offline exhibition halls. The online exhibition hall has the advantage that there are no space restrictions to watch. We can watch the various exhibitions of the world easily at any time and see the exhibitions that were held only at specific times in the past. Also, it has the advantage that we can see one exhibit for a long time because there is no time limit to see it.
 On the other hand, an online exhibition hall has the disadvantage that the impression can be reduced because of a lack of an atmosphere that can be felt only when viewed in an offline exhibition hall or an element such as one's own viewing experience. Typically, there is a point that the Proust effect, the phenomenon of being stimulated and memorized by a specific odor that has been taken in the past, appears less. Compared to offline, online has fewer environmental elements such as a quiet atmosphere of a hall and a dry scent, so you will feel less emotion than you would have felt when you remembered the exhibits. Also, there is a limit that you can watch only in the fixed VR viewing direction in the exhibition hall, and you can’t plan the viewing sequence as you might otherwise want.
 Through this article, we've discovered the changes being made in online exhibitions. The online exhibition hall utilized VR technology to make it possible to experience as if it were in the actual museum site. This provides the advantage of being able to view the exhibits without restrictions of time and space but also reduces the impression given by them when compared to the offline experience. If the COVID-19 is over, it will be natural to see an increase in the number of people who visit an exhibition hall offline to feel the direct emotion of an exhibition. However, for people who have difficulties enjoying cultural experiences because of COVID-19, an online exhibition hall would be an opportunity to quench a thirst.
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