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Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.12.20  19:20:41
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  My time since joining the Gachon Herald has flown by and finally reached the end. During my time here, I have had some important insights and life lessons that I’d like to share. There were many things to do at university unlike before entering the university. However, I found that while doing more is more difficult, it is better to get it started than do nothing at all. Rather, once you start activities like the contests with a fixed period, you can learn a lot of lessons after finishing. That's why I recommend you not to miss the opportunity or hesitate to start.
 It seemed to be the best choice during university life that I entered Gachon Herald with the idea of starting what I said earlier. In fact, before I entered university, I was an outsider who liked staying at home rather than walking outside. After entering university, I wanted to change my personality of staying at home, so I looked for productive activities that I had never done before. And I got to know Gachon Herald for the first time from a pamphlet and joined it. This gave me the opportunity to do various outdoor activities. While doing interview activities, I got the opportunity to interview various people and experience cultural activities that I could not usually do, such as fishing in the sea and going to see musicals. Also, I received a lot of help from my seniors, making it much easier to adapt to college.
 Even when COVID-19 was spreading, I could endure the tough times because of a sense of belonging as a Gachon Herald member. I knew that I shouldn't be afraid to start during university for three years, and I will continue to work hard to put this into my life.
 Before leaving the Gachon Herald, I would like to express my gratitude.
 Thanks to seniors who helped with college life while working as a member of Gachon Herald
 Thanks to the editorial director who worked hard together with me during COVID-19, a difficult time
 Thanks to juniors who followed me hard
 Thanks to many people who helped write articles
 I send you a message of gratitude and support for your future work
 And this was Jeon Jong-min, the 38th general affairs manager. Bye
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