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Successful Experiences You Can Hear From Seniors in Person!Gachon Pride Up Mentor Lecture
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2021.06.23  17:28:58
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 Many first-year students don’t have enough opportunities to communicate with their friends and seniors because of COVID-19. As a result, it’s hard to adapt to school. Many students want to learn about career-related information and prepare for employment and certificates in advance. For these students, the Gachon Employment Support department organized the ‘Gachon Pride Up Mentor Lecture’ instead of the personality seminar during week 4.
 ‘Gachon Pride Up Mentor Lecture’ took place ten times between March 23rd and March 29th, 2021. Thirty people from the Gachon Employment Support Office and the Gachon Mentor managed lectures through ZOOM. There were three ways to participate:
 1. Access the link sent to students who enrolled in advance on the Gachon WIND system.
 2. Copy the ZOOM address of the lecture through Excel and paste it into the Internet Address Book.
 3. Access to the Gachon Employment Support department website (http://work.gachon.ac.kr/) and click the shortcuts to the lectures.
 The Gachon Employment Support Office and the Gachon Mentor gave a lecture after students signed up for lectures they were interested in or suitable for their aptitudes. In the beginning, the Gachon Employment Support Officer introduced the Career Development Roadmap for each grade. In the middle, the Gachon Mentor told students about his/her career and explained to audience members specifics about career exploration and university and then mapped out a plan with a story of personal experiences. After Gachon Mentor’s explanation ended, the Gachon Employment Support Officer and Gachon Mentor finished the lecture by answering students’ questions through chat.
 To find out more about the lectures, I took two courses myself: the College of Humanities and the College of Business. After listening to two lectures and comparing them, the information offered to students in the lectures was certainly different because the lectures progressed according to students’ majors and career. It is because they gave realistic advice instead of a common encouragement message. For example, a mentor who majored in Chinese told students how to study for exams, how language-related skills can be used, and how to take advantage of them when you look for a job. Therefore, students who chose the right lectures suitable for their career could be assisted. Moreover, students who didn’t choose proper lectures were also helped to design their career and majors if they listened to various lectures.
 Freshmen who didn’t have opportunities to get advice because of COVID-19 were able to get information by listening to these successful stories in person thanks to the Gachon Pride Up Mentor Lecture’. In addition, they were able to make suggestions and provide directions about what to prepare and how to make better university lives and career activities. Also, they spent time receiving direct feedback by asking about personal worries and concerns through the Q&A. I hope many students can enjoy passionate and planned university lives and employment in the future.
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