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Make Your Own Unique ItemLeather artwork made by yourself
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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 Currently, the number of people who make artwork by themselves as a hobby, like cooking or miniature kits, is increasing. But most of them might not have experienced unusual handicrafts like leather or resin artwork. With this in mind, we would like to introduce the 'Mano Lab' where we can experience leather artwork that we cannot experience normally. How does the class of leather artwork proceed? Let's find out more.
 Location: Mano Lab (28, Toegye-ro 32-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
 Price: 45,000 won
1. Class Explanation
 Before explaining how leather artwork is made, let's find out about this class. This leather workshop called, 'Mano Lab' is located at Chungmu-ro. Class times are 12:00/15:00/18:00, and each class takes two hours. Booking is available on "Idus" and all classes are one-day classes which mainly produce simple leather artwork. Each class accommodates up to eight people, and the prices depend on the item you want to make. The cost is either 45,000 won, 65,000 won, or 95,000 won. Products that you can make in class are wallets, pencil cases, name tags, passport cases, and money clips, and if you tell the instructor in advance, you can carve the initials you want, so that you can make your own unique artwork.
2. Production Process
 The leather supplies which are cut into shapes are prepared. First, draw a line using a divider that looks like a protractor beforehand on the part to be sewed. After drawing the line by using a divider, fold it to make a form of a leather artwork. When doing leather artwork, unlike origami or other handcrafts, it is said that the two ends are folded preferentially rather than folding from one side to the other. Next, drill holes along the line using a fork-like chisel for a thread and needle. At this moment, it takes a lot of effort to drill the leather, so hold the chisel well at 90 degrees to the hole and hit it with a hammer. After that, fix the leather in the desired position using adhesive, and sew the hole up using a tool called a "pony", threads and needles. Because the overlapping parts of the leather are not smooth, use glue called "tokonol" to smooth the sides of the leather artwork and finish the leather crafting. Finally, after you rub the leather hard using a wood slipper which is a tool for polishing the leather, you can complete your own neat leather artwork.
 After experiencing the one-day leather artwork class and completing simple projects such as card wallets, pencil cases, and glasses cases, you can take more difficult classes such as bag making if you are interested in more leather artwork. Also, according to the instructor, many people apply for a one-day class with their families on events such as Parents' Day. Moreover, applicants build family bonds by making each other's items.
 There is a website I would also like to recommend to people who want to make their own unique handmade artwork, such as leather crafts. It's called Idus. "Idus" is a market platform that sells handmade works by artists and runs online and offline classes. In addition to the website "Idus," a variety of handmade classes are being held these days. While ready-made items are widely used, try making your own handmade artworks which are the only ones in the world.
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