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Choosing between Jamppong and Jajangmyeon
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 Although people think that they just live passively as time flow, they always make various choices bending their heart on refection. I also have made big and little choices in life and had to choose in a short time ago. That was what would eat something for midnight snack between Jjamppong and Jajangmyeon.
 Jjamppong and Jajangmyeon, which choice you select? Maybe, wise someone who select both exist. But if you can select just one, what choice would you choose? Let’s think that yon badly want Jjamppong soup, but you don’t want its noodle, you just are avid for moutful of soup. Meanwhile Jajangmyeon have never failed as flavor and can fill us stomach. I chose Jjamppong in that time. I expectantly ate anticipated soup, and I regretted once sipping. “Ah, I must have ordered Jajangmyeon.”
 Let’s suppose that we go back to the past on a time machine and order Jajangmyeon. When we eat Jajangmyeon, what we thouhgt? Perhaps I were upset since I didn’t order Jjamppong. Because l want very much soup. Ultimately, regreting was all in my mental attitude. But l didn’t know one thing selection mean giving up the other thing in those day. It was just my greed what can’t give up both. So I regreted.
 We would definitely have experienced many time of chocies like concerns over future and worry with money. Though I don’t know that your choice bring about anything result, you sometimes would have felt regret because of your choice. But, If you take time to think about that day, you must had reasons of your own when you didn’t select that choice. Those maybe were dangerous of failure, lack of courage because you have no experience, dissuasion of people or else anything.
 Anyway, result of choice fall to my lots. Holding responsible for our choice is also afraid and burdensome for us. So you’d better not regret about our choice. Choosing something is that you have courage you can forgive. And to regret it can be greed desiring the other option’s advantage.
 If you still regert, chalk its time up to experience. we could select resonable choice when more important time of choice because we have experience that regret.
 Although some people think we live as life passively flows by, there are always, upon reflection, various choices that tug at our hearts. I also have made choices both big and small in life and, recently when choosing a midnight snack, I had to make one. This was whether I should eat Jjamppong (Korean seafood spicy noodle soup) or Jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce).
 Jjamppong or Jajangmyeon, which would you choose? Maybe someone wise (or very hungry) would choose both if they could. But if you could choose just one, which would you choose? Imagine that you just badly wanted Jjamppong without the noodles and were keen for mouthful of broth. On the other hand, you know that Jajangmyeon has never failed to be tasty and can really fill you up. This time I chose Jjamppong. After expectantly trying the soup when it arrived, I regretted it immediately, thinking to myself, “Ah, I should have ordered Jajangmyeon.”
 Let us suppose that we go back to the past in a time machine and order Jajangmyeon instead. While we are eating the Jajangmyeon, now how would I feel? Perhaps I would be upset since I didn’t order Jjamppong. Because, all of a sudden, l really want to have soup. Ultimately, these regrets are all a matter of perspective. When I have felt this way, l did not realize that choosing one thing means giving up something else. My regret came from my greediness in wanting to have both.
 Similarly, we have experienced many situations like this with concerns of the future and worries about money. Regardless of the results of your actions, you sometimes would have felt regret because of your choice. But, if you take time to think about that moment, you must have had reasons for doing what you did. Perhaps those reasons were a fear of failure, a lack of confidence, being dissuaded by those around you, or maybe even something else.

 Anyway, the results of a choice are a matter of destiny. Holding ourselves responsible for our choices can make us afraid and be burdensome. So, it is better not to regret your choices. The real choice is having the courage to forgive yourself. Regret can be a greed for desiring the advantages of the other option. 

 If you still feel regret, use it as a learning experience. When the time comes to make an important choice, we will be able to make them more reasonably because of our experience.
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