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My life in South Korea
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 I would like to talk about my life in Korea.  And so my name is Kobiljon. I am from Uzbekistan and I am 21 years old. 2019 was one of the most important years of my life because I had to go to university. In March of that year I accepted to Gachon University and moved to South Korea.  And from that moment my life in a foreign country began. In the beginning it was pretty hard for me, a foreign country, a foreign language which I do not know about, an unfamiliar culture to me, people with completely different views in life, absolutely different types of food. The first two months, I can say, were the hardest for me. The very first day when I arrived at my rented flat, I was just shocked, the flat was so low, very old and  really small. Why I am saying this because in Uzbekistan my parents had multi-room, high, modern and large houses.  Plus almost 80% of the food here is very spicy, and we Uzbeks are not used to eat that kind of spicy dishes. But day by day I tried different dishes and I started to like it. That's how I got used to Korean food. Very funny and interesting, right?

 If we talk about studying, even before coming to Korea, I thought that studying would not be so hard, but after the start of the university everything was totally different. Here the internet is very very popular. That’s why students and teachers are actively using e-learning, I can say almost everything was by using a phone or computer, well, such as checking attendance, registering classes, classwork and homework exercises etc. But of course the university was thinking and caring about us and for the first semester they attached mentors for us. Mentors helped us a lot during the semester, without them everything would be much more difficult. To be honest, level of teaching knowledge in Korea is 2-3 times better and more modern than in Uzbekistan. After getting used to home, food and study, I progressively began to meet new Korean and other foreign friends. During the semester I met a lot of friends, it's so cool when you have friends from other countries. You are never bored with them, you always exchange with new things in different ways, little by little you begin to understand their culture, outlook on life and manner. And like that, my 2 years passed in Korea, But I have in front of me another two years. My plans for the future, to graduate from university with excellent results and find a good and stable job. I like life in Korea, if you have a good job and close people then life here is very nice, I would say Korean service is one of the best in Asia or probably in the world.


                                                                                                       Dept. of Global Business Administration
Stud. Kobiljon Akhmedov


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