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Worried about Getting a Job? Solve It with a School Lecture‘Career and Employment subject’
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.04.08  01:41:46
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 Gachon University offers various classes to help students choose their career paths. There are a variety of courses that will help you find your desired career path and meet people who are engaged in the field. However, many students don't know about this. Let's find out about ‘Career and Employment subject’ in this article.

 'Career and Employment subjects' are courses organized by the Employment Career Office of Gachon University. These are educational programs that improve employment skills by inviting former and current staff in each field to give detailed information. It can be taken as 2 liberal arts credits and is graded pass or fail. Furthermore, 'Career and Employment subjects' consist of a total of three levels, and all three levels are available to every student. But the information covered in each level is different, so it is recommended to enroll in the appropriate subject for your grade.
 The first level is about career search and career setting for sophomores. The subject titles are 'career setting and development for Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Athletics majors)' and 'career setting and development for STEM majors'. In these courses, students will set their career paths through self-understanding and a job search. Students receive help to correctly design the rest of their university life that best suits them.
 The second level subject is about reinforcing job and employment skills for juniors. These courses are divided into three categories: 'Understanding and Competency Improvement in the Job Field', 'Company and Job Understanding for Job Employment for Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Athletics majors)', and 'Company and Job Understanding for Job Employment for STEM majors'. In the 'Understanding and Competency Improvement of the Job Field', it provides job training from employees in each field and improves job competency through former and current managers of major companies. In the remaining two subjects, they explain about how to establish employment strategies to obtain the desired job by two different curriculum tracks. It teaches you about how to write a résumé and how to prepare for a job interview. For the field of education, 'Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Athletics majors', there are classes on Management Support, Public Relation, Sales, Administration, etc. And in the 'STEM major', there are Development, Production, Quality, Managerial Support and other subjects.
 Lastly, the third level about improving skills to get a job and job search activities for seniors. The subject is divided into three categories: 'NCS-based employment strategy', 'employment success strategy', and 'employment preparation strategy for major and medium-sized companies'. All three subjects help the student to improve their employment skills according to the desired companies in preparation for actual employment, and from the start, the lecture gives explanations respectively on public institutions, private enterprise, major and mid-sized enterprise.
 As mentioned above, 'Career and employment subject’ can be registered during both the preliminary course and the main course period regardless of grade level. However, please be aware that only one course in the first year and one course in the second and third year can be taken per person.

 We investigated what 'Career and employment subjects' is in this article. These courses do not just provide lectures, but can also help you analyze the job you wanted and create a steppingstone for getting a job yourself. These subjects give opportunities to learn more about your desired career, so I highly suggest that you apply and attend them.

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