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This Is How Our University Saves Energy!Energy Conservation: No Exceptions for Universities As Well!
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Updated : 2011.09.09  13:52:45
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This Is How Our University Saves Energy!
Energy Conservation: No Exceptions for Universities As Well!
  Recently energy has emerged as a major issue because of the increase in gasoline prices due to situations such as the unrest in Libya. For this reason, Kyungwon University has decided to set energy saving policies thatbest suit our university.

Last Digit on the Plate
No Vehicle Day
1, 6
2, 7
3, 8
4, 9
5, 0

  The first policy is the regulation of on-campus vehicles.
Kyungwon has decided to divide vehicles into 5 separate         groups by the last digit on the license plates, and    from there each         group will be given a day    where they cannot bring their vehicles. The         groups are on the following chart. This policy does not apply on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. All diplomatic, emergency,
handicapped, and light-weight vehicles are excluded as well.
  The second policy is for the outdoor lighting system. The Vision Tower’s lighting, line lightings, and the media walls are all required to be turned off when they are not used. As for the outdoor lighting, everything except for the street lights will be shut off. The lit advertisements at Saerom Hall and the International Language Center must be turned off. However, the tennis court is sometimes used for evening classes, so they will be     selectively shut off only when they are not used.
  The third policy is for the indoor lighting. All lights are required to be turned off by the managers of each building during lunchtime and when they finish the day. Personal and individual heating systems are prohibited. Also, the Vision Tower’s gym has evening courses so they are permitted to use lights until 11:00 PM.
  This information is being advertised through the Kyungwon University website, and KEBS (Kyungwon Educational Broadcasting Station). The University asks the students for their support and cooperation to save energy.
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