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Covid-19: The obstacles in our livesThe solution of 'Corona Blue'
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 "Corona Blue" is a new term that combines "Corona 19" and "Blue," which means depression or lethargy caused by major changes in daily life due to the spread of Covid-19. In a recent article, I saw that the number of patients with depression in their 20s more than doubled due to Covid-19. Amid the growing number of patients with depression, Gachon University hosted a lecture under the theme "Dealing with anxiety caused by Covid-19." The lecture was divided into two parts. The first part covered how Covid-19 leads us to depression and anxiety. The second part teaches us the wise ways of overcoming "Corona Blue". Let us take a look at the lecture in detail in this article.


 Part 1. How Covid-19 makes us anxious.

Part 1 tells us about the stress symptoms caused by Covid-19, the negative emotions that occur in current situations, the characteristics of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases and the effects of Covid-19 on our psychology. 

 There are many symptoms of stress caused by Covid-19 including anxiety, insomnia, lethargy and high wariness of others. According to the lecture, 220 college freshmen in 2020 were surveyed, and the major negative sentiment caused by the Covid-19 situation was frustration and lethargy. Other than that, there were anxiety, anger, nervousness, and confusion. The negative sentiment tends to arise from the frustration of not being able to going out, the anxiety of infection, the disconnection of relations, the reduction of communication, emergency disaster text messages, and the fear of being traced.

 The characteristics of infectious disease include vague and unclear signs of danger while the virus is being spread. Covid-19 also has these two characteristics in addition to the other features. Covid-19 is not very different from previous pandemic situations; it is very highly contagious, and its continued sporadic mass infection has prolonged the crisis situation.

 Covid-19 has four major effects on our mentality. It enables the "crisis response mode" on our body and causes us to think negatively of ourselves. Due to lack of communication between people, we feel insecure and lose control.

Part 2. Wise ways of overcoming Corona Blue.

As the title suggests, Part 2 is about various ways to overcome difficult situations such as reducing anxiety factors, maintaining daily life, maintaining solidarity, and maintaining balance in our life.

 In order to reduce the factors of Corona Blue, physical threats must be minimized. To accomplish this, one must get the correct information once a day through a certain medium and be well aware of and follow prevention rules. It is also a good idea to focus on what you can do now. For example, enjoy light exercise, walks, and leisure time at home. When you feel anxious and depressed, cheering for medical and quarantine personnel or sharing hard feelings with family and friends will help you overcome the negative feelings. Also, we should balance our lives by increasing the size of positive thinking.

 As Covid-19 prevents us from freely engaging in outdoor activities, people are staying only at home. As a result, there is also a growing number of people who often show symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, at times like this, one must find a way to relieve one's stress and emotions without being exposed to outside activities. If it is difficult to find such a way by yourself, it would be good to take lectures like this.

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