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Studio Apartment? Shared housing? Dormitory!To students who consider joining the dormitory
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 Concerns about housing are everpresent. Especially, it is a nuisance for students from rural areas to come to Seoul for university. Currently, I am taking online lectures due to the Covid-19. Many students are not leaving the dormitories and studio apartments due to anxiety that they might need to take face-to-face lectures in the first semester, and their concerns about housing have grown even bigger. There may be some students who lived in a dormitory in high school, but for most of them, it would be the first time to live independently. If you become a college student and go to a university far from your home, you may be looking forward to your first independence and at the same time, you may be worried. I would like to introduce the Gachon University dormitory for those who would like to reduce these concerns a little.

 The dormitory of Gachon University is divided into the first dormitory and the second dormitory. The first dormitory is used as a dormitory for international students, while the second dormitory is used for Korean students. In this article, we will focus on the second dormitory where Korean students reside.

 To get into the dormitory, you have to go up the uphill, which is the same way to the central library, and this hill is so hard to climb that it is nicknamed "hell hill." However, when walking up the dormitory on a cool day like in autumn, it is quite atmospheric. There is a playground and an oval in front of the dormitory which is crowded with people who exercise every night.

 To introduce the second dormitory by floor levels, the second basement floor is called "Gachon Gosiwon," and there is a space for students to prepare for exams for law schools, government tests, and accountings tests. Food is provided free of charge with the support of the school, and various expenses such as tuition fees and exams are provided here. Therefore, entrance exams to enter this Gachon Gosiwon is essential.

 On the first basement floor, there are parking lots, restaurants, convenience stores, and delivery dropoff boxes. In partnership with Shinsegae affiliates, the restaurant is run by Shinsegae Food and has E-Mart 24 convenience stores. Recently, an unmanned system was introduced as a solution to the deterioration of convenience stores due to Covid-19. The operating hours also changed to 24 hours which was originally closed at 10 p.m. in the past. There is also a delivery dropoff box next to the convenience store, and if there is a delivery to the dormitory, it will always go into this box. However, the delivery box stores the deliveries free of charge for only 30minutes, so it is inconvenient to go grab the delivery within thirty minutes unless you want to pay after half an hour of delivery.

 On the first floor are the administrative office, security office, lounge, lobby, and laundry room. The administrative office and security offices can be used if there is any inconvenience during the dormitory life. Lounges and the lobby are frequently used by students to study during the exam period. Additionally, the lounge is equipped with electric outlets, so students often use this place to do their homework with laptops. And at the start of the semester when students come to the dorm, the lobby is used as a place to put parcels, but it is also used as a place to order delivery food. The washing machine and dryer in the laundry room can be used with a laundry card by charging some money in it. On the first floor, there are also computers and photocopiers available. It also requires a fee to use. So, keep in mind that it's not a good idea to carry less than 5,000 won in cash at the dormitory.

 Finally, the first and second floors are dormitory rooms mostly for four people, and the third and fifth floors’ rooms are for two people. In the case of a four-bed room, there are basic furniture and bunk beds, a bathroom, and a shoe rack. The two-bed room structure is also similar. In the double room, unlike a four-bed room, there is a separate bed and desk.

 If you want to join, you must first apply through the school website in the middle and second half of the vacation period. The criteria for selecting new students are the distances from the college to their home and grades. In addition, a tuberculosis certificate and proof photos must be submitted when entering the dormitory. Let's note that otherwise, dormitories will be restricted.

 The advantage of applying for a dormitory is that you can apply for a roommate. After checking whether you have passed the dormitory, you can apply with your friends to be roommates and use the same room. Rather than living alone and feeling lonely, why don't you stay in the dormitory with your friend as a roommate?

 Until now, it might have been difficult to find relevant information about joining the dormitory. Therefore, I hope this article will help the ones who wish to join the dormitory. The advantage of the dormitory is that I can always meet my friends and eat together. I hope you also enjoy the fun of eating delivery food together with your friends.

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