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University Facilities for GachoniansPhysical and study facilities for free use!
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  Where do you work out? Where do you study with friends? Many of you will answer health clubs, libraries, and café’s around your domicile. But you know what? You can work out and study right here at school. If you have a student ID, you can use those facilities for free. Let’s learn how. 
  First, the exercise facilities. There are fitness centers located on the 1st floor at the Welfare Hall, gymnasium at Vision-Tower B158, and the soccer field in front of the dormitories. The fitness center was originally designed for ROTC cadets’ stamina enhancement; it is now also open to students and the teaching staff too. Though it may not be that big, it is not inconvenient at all because essential equipment is being furnished. During the semester, it opens from 8 AM to 5 PM but is closed during the vacation due to ROTC’s training schedule.
  You can use the stadium and gymnasium by applying through e-mail or by filling out a form at the center. Applications will be taken from March. Usage limit is twice a month, time-limits per day are 4 hours for stadium and 3 hours for gymnasium. In case you ask for permission by e-mail, it should be by the 27th of each month and you can submit an application form to support@gachon.ac.kr from 9 to 11. If more than two groups have submitted on the same date, usage authority will be decided in accordance with order of priority. If you miss the application period, you should submit an application form to the ‘student support team’ in person by the 30th of each month. Representatives must receive an academic advisor or dean’s seal on the document. Even though the opening and closing time is not set, both facilities usually open at 8 AM and close at 11 PM. 
  On the other hand, study facilities and group-study rooms are located at the electronic information library in the Global Zone and Eureka room in the central library. Both these facilities can be reserved via the central library homepage. The group study rooms at Global Zone consists of two 8-people rooms, two 19-people rooms, and two 8-people rooms in the electronic information room. The Global Zone study room should be used for English study only. At the Eureka room, there are FOR, WHY, HOW rooms for 4 people and CAN, IF, BUT for 8 people. All study rooms are open from 9AM to 9PM during the semester, and 9AM to 5PM during the vacation. On Sundays and holidays, both facilities are closed, and on Saturday they are opened during the semester but not during the vacation.
  In the electronic information room’s multi-media center, you can use computers and electronic equipment for your study. This is also available on the second floor of the central library as well.

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