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What Do You Want to Give to Your Parents?
Choi Yun-Je  |  mickeyjudy@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.03.17  13:29:20
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When we were young, our parents bought lots of toys and food for us. We have received what our parents have given us since we were young. But when we think about it, we may never have given our parents something but only just received things from them. Now that you are a college student, what would you like to give your parents if you could give them anything whether it is a material or abstract thing?


 Lee Da Bin (Department of Police Security 19)

 ‘Health & Youth

 It hurts my heart to see my parents getting old over time. If possible, I would like to share my youth with them as much as possible in return for the time and effort they have sacrificed to raise me. I also want to share my health with my parents. Because I want my parents to be healthier and live happily with me for a long time.



 Park Jung Sun (Department of Law 19)


 So far, my parents have given me many things and invested a lot of money to raise me. When I had a part-time job, I realized that it was hard to make money. But I have never given my parents an allowance since I started part-time work. So, I want to give money to my parents who have had a hard time making money for me.


 Park Soo Min (Department of Law 19)

 ‘Hand-written Letter & Cash

 I am often ashamed to express my true feelings directly to my parents. So, I want to give a hand-written letter to my parents because I want to convey my true feelings in words. And I also want to give my parents cash for them to do anything they want with it.


 Lee Go Eun (Department of Business Administration 19)

 ‘Massage Chair

 Until now, I have rarely given my parents a massage, because I was “busy”. I was rather irritated when my parents asked me for massage. So, I want to give my parents a nice massage chair. 


 Choi Ji Hyun (Department of Infant Education 19)

 ‘My Success

 My parents have done many things for me and now I want to return them. So, I I want to repay them by being someone they can be proud of in the future.

 In the past, we didn't know about our parent’s feelings because we were young, but now we are over 20 years old. Now that you're old enough to think about your parents' feelings, why don't you give them something rather than just getting something? Of course, it is not easy for us, who are still college students, to give our parents material things ourselves. But even if the gifts that we prepare are small, our parents would be happy just because their children prepared it for them.

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