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Students Making Gachon StoriesA way to get Gachon news with a smartphone
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Updated : 2020.03.16  17:09:23
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  To learn about the news at our school, there is the school homepage announcement, or an application called 'every time'. However, these media are inconvenient to access and require a lot of time. So, I will introduce and explain 'Gachon Al-Limi' which is an application, and 'Gachon Bot' which is a KakaoTalk Plus friend, made by Gachon University students so that they can easily learn what they want to know while attending Gachon University.

  1. Gachon Al-Limi

  This application was created and administered by software department students Park Jung-ho and Park Sang-hyun, who noticed the inconvenience of confirming school notices in relation to the lecture evaluation notices for the first semester of 2019. They thought about making a service that provides notifications by a notification type server, and they made this service on July 3rd, 2019. This service allows students to see the news of Gachon University immediately, such as school announcements, Gachon news, event news, and scholarship news. It has the advantage that you can quickly receive important news for yourself. In addition, you can check the student ID card and timetable that can be found in the 'Gachon Lib +' and 'Every Time' applications and also can check your grade and credits if you enter your ID and password from school homepage. There are various themes to decorate your app, and it also supports Dark Mode, which can be used comfortably in the dark. Both students say that it is open to the public so that anyone can contribute code to this application in the future. When students ask the developers to upload something to the app, they can be included in the next released version and uploaded to the store if the suggestion is confirmed by the two developers.


  2. Gachon Bot

  This can be used by adding KakaoTalk Plus friend ‘Gachon bot’ and is a chat-bot in which a response is given when a specific command is entered. This was created by Han Seung-woo, a computer science student who felt uncomfortable using various applications. This Gachon bot obtains a lot of information about the school at once. One advantage of this service is that you can check the current weather and air pollution at Gachon University. It also can help students who are wondering when our school shuttle bus 'Mudang-i' is coming and let you know when it will rain by sending you an additional message. It also helps you to reserve a seat by letting you know when the library is crowded with people studying. Lastly, information about restaurants around the campus is displayed, and the students can rate the restaurants to create a restaurant ranking.


  I can say that this application and bot made by Gachon students are very simple and useful. I hope that freshmen or students who don't know these functions will make their college life more enjoyable by using them. Also, I would like to finish this article by hoping that you will utilize your own talents to help other students.

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