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What Is the Background Image of Your Cell Phone?
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.01.21  12:04:45
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 Can you live well without your cell phone? Maybe ninety percent of people will say that they cannot. It’s because we are doing almost everything with cell phones. That’s not too much to say that phones are our best friend. Therefore, I wonder what students set up the background display image for there precious and nearest mobile phone. I think they fill out images with their own unique stories. Let’s hear their different ideas.    

 Chun Ill-Yeom (Department of Business Administration 19)

 My cell phone screen is the picture of a biblical verse. The image shows the words of Psalm 37:5, “Leave your way to Jehovah, and if you rely on me, you will achieve me.” I usually choose one good passage and keep it in my heart. The saying has been the prop in my life, and I set it up for my wallpaper. Whenever I look at it, the saying on the screen always reminds me to think wisely.

 Kim Do-Ho (Department of Nano 19)

 Let me give you some explanation before I introduce my background screen. A few days ago, Apple, the ‘iPhone’ company, upgraded iPhone’s operating system. After upgrading,the ‘dark mode’ function was added to the iPhone. This function makes the phone’s whole mood get dark. Almost everything is black in color. I thought it needs an image that suits my dark phone. Therefore, I took a photo of the moon in the night sky and set it as a background screen.

 Hong Ji-Hyun (Department of Police Security 19)

 I set a picture of Jeon Dong Suk on my phone wallpaper. He is a musical actor. I saw him for the first time in the musical ‘Frankenstein’ which was performed last year. I love him because he is really good at acting and singing. One day, I saw his picture taken outside the stage. I felt this picture was so special because I always saw him in the dark on the stage. So, I set this image up for my phone’s background.

 Seo Jin-Hyung (Department of Computer Engineering 19)

 I start and end a day on my mobile phone. I used my beautiful and lovely girlfriend picture as my phone background. I think there is no background like mine. I look at my phone dozens of times a day. Whenever I am confronted with challenges or difficulties, I see my girlfriend’s face on the screen and it makes me feel better. Plus, I found that I made a big smile on my face when I look at the picture before I knew it. Therefore, I decided not to change my screen image ever.

 Lee Seung-Min (Department of Business Administration 19)

 Have you ever seen ‘Toy story’? After watching it, I got carried away with the movie. In the film, there are two main characters. One is ‘Woody’, a cowboy and the other is a space commando, ‘Buzz’. There are four movies in the series. They stay together all the way through the first to the third series. But in the fourth movie, two characters are separated reluctantly. I think that I can never see this perfect combination of characters like Woody and Buzz in future. Therefore, I set up the scene where the two figures stand side by side looking at a beautiful panorama as my wallpaper. “To infinity and beyond!”


 Jeong Yoon-A (Department of Media Communication )

 When I walk in school and look up at the sky, I often admire the wonderful view! Especially around the middle and latter part of September, the sky color is deep blue. There are not many days like this. I thought I shouldn’t miss that spectacle view, so I just picked my cell phone and took a photo using a pretty filter of the Vision Tower. I used the picture as my phone screen.

 Kim Jae-Young (Department of Global Business Management 19)

 I am interested in space after watching a few videos about space and a movie Martian. I looked for a nice cosmos picture and found an application called ‘Space’, for which I paid to install and use. In the app, there was an image that I liked. It was not exactly what the universe looks like, but it had the bright colors of a mysterious and profound atmosphere. I thought it was similar to space, so I decided to put it up for my background screen.

 Before I interviewed, I thought that almost all students have just basic wallpapers. However, there were many diverse and marvelous background screens. I was surprised and excited at the same time. All of them were beautiful, as they were images of the most precious items. I noticed that so many people have their own attractive color. I hope that everyone makes their stories in the future.


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