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  PBS NewsHour is an evening television news program on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which is famous for its in-depth interviews and comprehensive coverage on each subject. Its official website (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/) allows us to watch the news clips and read scripts. It will be a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with quality journalism and quality writing at the same time. With the help of the news scripts and video files, you can practice reading and listening as well as learning more about today’s world reported by America’s top journalists.
  The website is divided into four sections: 1) Video 2) Recent Programs 3) Teachers Resources 4) The Rundown.
1) Video: You can see all the video files for the news coverage broadcasted, and view online exclusive news as well. Either full script for the video or news text on the given video file is provided. A wide range of topics are covered from Art & Culture, Business & Economy, Media, Politics, to Environment and Global Health.
2) Recent Programs: In this section, you will see recent news reports sorted by date. You can choose to watch each day’s full program or each report. The menu also suggests and links various ways to watch the reports outside the website: Youtube, PBS Video, Facebook, and iPhone/iPad Apps.
3) Teachers Resources: This section is designed for teachers to make use of the website as teaching materials. Set for 7-12 grades, it offers various articles on various topics, not only U.S. domestic news but also global features, from science, economics, health, and arts/media. If you are curious about what kind of issues are being discussed among American junior high and high school students in their classrooms, you might want to take a look at this section.
4) The Rundown: It is a blog by PBS NewsHour journalists, who contribute to the program. Each of the journalists is a prominent figure in their own area, and you can choose anyone to read posts by each of them. Subscribing to this blog will be an interesting challenge for you.

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