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A Magical Word That Will Change Your life, ‘YES’Q: Are you ready to change now? A: Yes, Man
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.07.09  16:26:14
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 Which answer do you usually choose to say, yes or no? If you use the word ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’, you should reflect on yourself and those around you. Let's check and see if the people around you feel uncomfortable, or that you are more lethargic and depressed than before. If your situation is similar to this, this movie will be a good prescription for you. Let's find out how to get out of negative situations through the movie Yes Man.

 Carl, who works for a loan company, reacted negatively to everything and kept saying, ‘No’. His face was always full of fatigue, irritation, and frowning. When his co-workers, friends, and neighbors offered him something, he always made trivial excuses and avoided interactions. As this life pattern continued, his life became desolate. His negative attitudes caused many problems and conflicts in relationships with his boss and his friends, and his life was monotonous and lonely as if he were imprisoned.
 While he lay alone on the couch and watched a videotape, he accidentally attended the Yes Man seminar with his friend, Nick Lane. In the seminar, he faced Terence, the leader of Yes Man seminar. Terence asked Carl how much longer he would live a loser’s life, and demanded him to answer with ‘Yes’ to everything in the future. From then on, Carl decides to make a vow to be a Yes Man and promised Terence that he would answer yes to everything in the future. A great change came to him with this simple answer, yes.
 First of all, his relationships began to change gradually. He was always not interested in people around him, but now he answered yes to people's requests, favors, and suggestions. At first, he felt uncomfortable and awkward, but as he began to interact with people, he became brighter and more energetic than before. He changed from a passive person to an active person. He even approached other people first. He broke down the walls of his heart that he had set for people, meeting with various people and forming healthy and deep human relationships. Moreover, he could stop spending time at home watching videotapes and gained the confidence to do diverse activities in his spare time. He lived a very full life, becoming a proud and energetic man. Starting to answer yes, Carl opened his tightly closed mind and could have more chances in his life.

 Are you thinking of Carl's change as a non-realistic story that can only happen in a movie? I hope that you throw out such negative thoughts out of your mind. You can also change with a simple word. Let's say Yes. This simple word, Yes, will gradually change your consciousness. If you can change your mind like Carl, you can change your life. Of course, it won't be easy, but step by step, one can continue to travel a long way. Saying yes would be the first step to renew your life.
Yes or No?

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