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Dear Young Student: You can do it!
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 Congratulations. You are the winner.”

 Steve’s eyes were wet with tears, as he extended his hand to shake mine. I took his hand with my both hands and did not know what to say. It was incredible that a young immigrant, graduated from university not long ago, was selected as the new judicial officer of the criminal court. Steve, a long-time local resident of Jewish heritage with 2 children, has been waiting for that coveted job position for more than 20 years, but lost in the hiring competition against me. “The court chose the right person, Your Honor”, he said to me.

 For many years afterwards, I truly enjoyed my work in the U.S. justice system, signing numerous arrest warrants for offenses of murder, gun violence, illegal drug sales, and sexual violence. While I engaged in the frontline combat against crime, 53-year-old Steve was happily employed as a court clerk alongside. Nowadays I often tell this story to my aspiring students, wishing that many good jobs may come to their lives in near future as well.

 ‘Young person’ has been traditionally cherished and appreciated in the Western culture above any other age category. While the U.S. law defines ‘minors’ only until 16-18 of age, American society generally regards university students as ‘youngsters’, showering them with special care and respect. For those youngsters who wish to study, scholarships and grants can be found within their reach. Priority is often given to young persons in many aspects of life, ranging from jobs to housing opportunities. Older people actively encourage youngsters with this phrase: “You can do it!” In my mid-20’s, my supervisor-chief judge would always shout to me before I nervously went to work into the courtroom full of reporters, police officers, lawyers, and a big audience waiting for me: “Have a good time!”

 Pope Francis has said, “We must restore hope to young people.” Young persons are the foundations for our society’s future. The ‘20-something’ is a privileged time where life should feel happy, fulfilling, and loved. I pray that our students may encounter a youngster-friendly society as they go out and face the world. I would also like to encourage the students to boldly travel overseas and experience other locations of the globe to challenge new opportunities. May this Pig year bring good health, prosperity, and great success to all of us.


Sara Oh

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