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Tough measures set on school violenceNational
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Updated : 2012.05.04  15:29:48
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Tough measures set on school violence

 The government announced a wide range of measures against school violence Monday, focused on united action by all members of society.

 The measures call for strengthening the role of teachers and headmasters in resolving school violence, [1]zero-tolerance toward [2]bullying and more protection of and care for victims, as well as expanding character education for all school ages.

 “Every member of society including teachers, schools, parents and the government should act to [3]eradicate school violence. The government is determined to [4]wipe out school violence this time [5]once and for all,” said Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik at a news briefing on the measures.

 President Lee Myung-bak on his official tour in the Middle East also stressed the government’s anti-school violence [6]initiative in a radio speech on Monday morning.

 “Fearing [7]retaliation from their [8]perpetrators, victims could not even tell their teachers or parents. They let their suffering worsen without telling anyone else; some students even committed suicide,” said Lee. “Now is high time for us all to join forces and take action to protect our children from school violence.”

 The anti-school violence measures were [9]drawn up after [10]a string of suicides by middle school students beginning last December.

 Kim stressed the role of teachers in resolving school violence as they are closest to students.

 To expand and support the role of teachers, the government will [11]designate two teachers to [12]take responsibility for student guidance in classrooms with more than 30 students. The system will be applied to middle schools starting this year and to high schools next year.


 It will also [13]impose stricter punishment on perpetrators of school violence and allow [14]intervention by police [15]in the wake of violent physical incidents.

 “We are sending a clear message that violent behavior is a crime that will not be tolerated on school grounds,” said Education Minister Lee Ju-ho.

 The ministry plans to develop a school gang alert system in a [16]bid to [17]detect violent behavior in advance before disputes and fights [18]escalate, and to allow police intervention in [19]disbanding them.

 “The existence of school gangs, most of the time at the center of school violence, are hard to notice, but we are going to find them out, based on their different types of behavior,” said Lee.

 For victims, more protection measures are proposed.

 Victims can be escorted to school or home by a police officer if they request in the wake of school violence. Perpetrators will be prohibited from attending the school their victim moves to escape bullying, according to the measure.

 The government will increase sports as well as arts and other extracurricular activities for character education and help students [20]channel their energy into constructive learning and activities.

 “We will emphasize character education in all educational activities from kindergarten to high school,” Prime Minister Kim said.

 But two teacher’s groups had mixed responses.

 The conservative Korea Federation of Teachers’ Association welcomed the government’s measures, especially because they give more rights and authority to teachers regarding student guidance. But the progressive Korea Teachers and Education Workers’ Union expressed “disappointment,” especially over the [21]disciplinary action for perpetrators.

 “It should be done with care and the measure should have focused on creating a healthy school culture rather than [22]exerting punishment on students,” said KTEW in its press release.

 The KFTA also [23]called for [24]consistency and effective application of the measures and said its [25]implementation would decide its success.


[1]아무리 사소한 위반 행위라도 벌칙을 적용하는 방침
[2]괴롭히기, 왕따 시키기
[4]완전히 파괴하다, 일소하다
[5]최종적으로, 완전히
[6]주도(권); 새로운 중요 계획
[7]보복, 앙갚음
[8]perpetrator: 가해자
[9]draw up: (계획이나 대책을) 마련하다, 세우다
[10]a string of ~: 일련의 ~
[12]take responsibility for ~: ~에 대한 책임을 지다
[13]impose A on B: A를 B에게 지우다/부과하다/강요하다
[14]개입, 간섭, 중재
[15]in the wake of ~: ~에 이어서, ~의 바로 뒤에
[16]노력, 시도
[17]찾아내다, 발견하다 cf) detective: 탐정, 형사 lie detector: 거짓말 탐지기 metal detector: 금속 탐지기
[18]단계적으로 확대[증대] 하다 cf) escalator: 에스컬레이터
[19]disband: 해체[해산]하다
[20]channel A into B: A[주로 관심, 노력, 돈]를 B로 돌리다, 쏟다
[21]징계적인, 규율상의
[22]exert: [힘·능력 등을] 쓰다, 발휘하다
[23]call for ~: ~를 요구하다
[24]일관성; 모순되지 않음 cf) in consistency with ~: ~와 일치하는
[25]이행, 수행; 완성 cf) implement: 이행[실행]하다


By Lee Woo-young (wylee@heraldm.com)

Published : Feburary 6, 2012

Source : The Korea Herald


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