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Where is your hideout?
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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 Have you ever heard of the word ‘Kerensia’? ‘Kerensia’ is Spanish for shelter. The word comes from the place where cows stop fighting and take their breath at bullfights in Spain. The word has been selected as one of the consumer trends of Korea in 2018, reflecting modern people’s innermost feelings; being tired because of a busy and repetitive life like a tired cow. Tired from a busy daily life, people need their own space to relieve fatigue and stress. I asked the students at Gachon University if they have their own place to relieve their fatigue and stress of busy daily life.

 Gwon Hye Min (Department of Tourism Management 17)
 After a frantic weekday, I feel so tired. Whenever I am, I go to my grandmother's house. In my grandmother’s house, I have cousins who are 12 years younger than me. They really like me and follow me well. They are so innocent because they have just entered elementary school. Spending time with them makes me feel as if I am back at that time. I am also assimilated by the children's innocent appearance, forgetting the fatigue of reality for a while, and feeling much lighter.

 Seo Seung Jin (Department of Building Equipment System & Fire Protection Engineering 18)
 There is a park in front of my house called Central Park. When I have a lot of worries, I go there and take a walk in the evening. When I breathe in the cool air of the evening, my complicated mind is likely to get refreshed. I usually walk in the park listening to lyrical music. Walking while listening to music is good because you can get away from reality for a while.

 Ji Jeong Hyeon (Department of Law 18)
 When I’m stressed out, I go to the Han River by bicycle. Arriving at the Han River, the widely open view makes my heart feel much relieved. Riding my bike along the Han River, I feel as if stress is washed away because of the cool wind.

 Shin Soo Young (Department of Food Nutrition 15)
 Coin karaoke is the best place to relieve stress. I prefer coin karaoke to regular karaoke because coin karaoke is cheaper and more flexible to use. Whenever I want to go to a karaoke, I always go there with my friend. She is my karaoke mate. If I spend an hour of shouting loudly and dancing to the song with my friend, stress and fatigue disappear easily.

 Kim Do Yeon (Department of Korean Language & Literature 18)
 After finishing hard school class, I go straight home to my puppy, “Marie”. My resting place is with Marie. Whether in my room or in the grass of a park near my house, Marie and I are free everywhere. When I am really stressed, hugging Marie close makes me feel comfortable. When I have a hard time, I see Marie's charm and shake off my bad moods.

 Gang hyo Eun (Department of Korean Language & Literature 18)
 Pink is my favorite color. I don't know why, but I feel comfortable looking at pink. So, I decorated my room with a lot of pink. The wardrobe, dressing table, bed, wallpaper and everything is pink. It is my sole place. For a long time, I have wanted to buy a pink ornament to decorate my room. Something I want to buy the most is a pink diffuser.

 Im Hyeon Jin (Department of English Language & Literature 13)
 There is a café that I often go to in front of my house. Since the café is small with few people, the cozy and quiet atmosphere has caught my fancy. When I feel mentally tired, I usually read novels in the café. I feel better when I drink a cup of green tea latte and read a book in the calm atmosphere of the café. Sometimes I collect my thoughts at the café. I straighten up my thoughts at a quiet cafe, like untwisting bits of thread one by one, I resolve my problems.

 Ha Jung Woo (Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering 14)
 When I feel hard and tired, I like to drink and chat with my friends. There is a bar that I often go to when such feelings come to mind. It's called ‘Ttaengcho fish cake’ and it's a small bar that feels like a cart bar. Because there are not many people and the price is affordable, it is a good place to drink light with friends. If I drink a glass of alcohol with hot fish cake soup, my stress is relieved.

 Lee Gun Hee (Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering 14)
 Whenever I feel down, I often light a Yankee candle in my room and take a rest. Burning the Yankee candle makes the atmosphere of the room comfortable and warm. And the scent of the Yankee candle filling the room helps calm my mind. Sometimes I want to relieve my stress by using something different than Yankee candles, so I want to make my room better for relieving stress by setting exercise equipment like a sandbag in my room.

 I listened to various stories of Gachon University students about their own hideout. They introduced each of the places that revealed their individuality. While the comforting spaces are all different, they are all able to relieve their fatigue and stress in their own places and gain energy to face the tough daily routine again. If your busy daily life makes you feel constantly tired, why don't you find your own hideout to comfort yourself?

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