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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 We are living in the era when English is essential. So, a lot of people study English. They say, it is hard to improve your English in a short period. One of ways to improve English in a short period is listening to and understanding English conversation. However, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) professors say that most people who are studying English in Korea are having a hard time with conversation and reading. In this method, they understand only half of their texts which results in them wasting their time. However, there is a website which can help you learn English in a different way for these students. It’s real-english.com.

 At real-english.com you can learn all lessons for free without login. You can learn practical English listening and speaking which is an English learning trend nowadays. Also, this site has both a mobile application and a PC version to choose from. When you access the site, you can click app or pc version according to the device you’re using. Various lessons also appear when users click the banners which fit their circumstance. Below the lesson, detailed instructions for each lesson are given under the title of the video. Also, if you click the button to take the lessons, two short video appear.
 In addition, besides the video, you can see the explanation about the video. Every lesson consists of 2 videos. One has captions and the other has no captions. The video which has captions is located near the top. Learners can practice reading and listening through this video and the video which has no caption is near the bottom so you can learn speaking by reading their conversations out. Some lessons have a “note” button in a red circle. If you click this button, you can see and download the video script as a PDF file.
 There is another way for learning. At the top of the site, there are a total of 3 levels of difficulty so users can choose the appropriate level for them and study it. According to the site explanation, people who have never lived in English-speaking countries can experience the difficulty when in the lowest level.
 This site is focused on people who study English by themselves, so every video offers exercises which you can do individually. In the exercise, there is a short video and a question about it, so you can solve the questions whenever you see the video. There are video interviews of ordinary people. using expressions that we may not know but are commonly used in their talk. That`s why this site is useful for getting acquainted with everyday English conversation. In the middle part of the site, there is a space where many users can leave their comments. In this way you can notice many others’ thoughts and tips that make using the site a little easier. Also, in case of poor learners, you can choose the language that you want at the top of the site. This is because the website offers various languages for those who are not accustomed to English. In addition, there is a video which explains how to use the website.
 Additionally, the website tells us that you must not repeatedly watch the video with captions before watching the video without captions. You must watch the video repeatedly until you are accustomed to the sound of English in order to acquire fluent English pronunciation. Nowadays, TOEIC speaking is more important than TOEIC and about 25% of new employees who enter the company quit the job due to a lack of English conversation ability. Thus, we should focus on learning about practical English with current expressions. However, there is still no environment for learning practical English in Korea. We are living in the era when we have to take a step forward ourselves. The way to learn practical English isn`t commonly known so far. I recommend that you learn practical English and walk ahead of others by using this website.

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