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 We meet various psychic powers in lots of movies. For example, we can see those psychic powers in movies like Harry Potter and Doctor Strange. If you could have psychic power, you may wonder what psychic power you want to have. If you had a psychic power, it could be an opportunity for you to do what you really want to do and to value something you wish to pursue. I gathered some opinions on how Gachon University students think about super heroes.

 An-Hong-Ju (Department of English Language & Literature, ’17)
 I want to have the ability that allows me to understand a book’s contents at a glance. In that case, I’ll be more comfortable while I’m studying during exam period or doing assignments. Also, I can be a smart person in a short period of time.

 Seo-Hong-Seok (Department of Oriental Language and Literature, ’13)
 I wish I could have the ability to read other people’s thoughts. Sometimes, when I work, I get in conflicts because someone has different ideas from me. Not only that, I also lock horns thinking about how others think. In this case, if I could read thoughts, I could settle the quarrels easily. Moreover, I wouldn`t get into trouble because I know someone`s intention. So, I think this ability is useful to me.

 Yun-Byeong-Hyeon (Business Administration Track, ’16)
 If I had my wish, I would want to have the ability to be invisible. I think I could live a more comfortable life if I became an invisible man. There are some works that I could do better if nobody could see me. In addition, there is less pressure if nobody sees me.

 Park-Bo-Hyeon (Department of Nursing Science, ’14)
 I want to have the ability to control time. If I could control time, I would do the work again that I didn’t do because I had no time. Also, I can do my work without deadline pressures.

 Jeong-Seong-a (Department of Electrical Engineering, ’14)
 I wish I could have the ability to teleport. My home is far from Gachon University, so I think I waste a lot of time in commuting. In addition, when I do assignments or play with my friends, I sometimes have to go home because I may miss the last train.

 Yu-Ji-Su (Department of English Language & Literature, ’17) 
 I wish I had the ability to change my body whenever I want. If I could change my body in various ways, I would be able to live a new life every day.

 Hwang-Ok-Seon (Department of Korean Language & Literature, ’17)
 I wish I could turn back time. I came to Korea as an exchange student from China and I’ll go back soon. I have had a valuable and meaningful time in Korea. I want to go back to the time when I first came to Korea. I want to experience the various activities that I did in Korea again.

 Sin-Kyu-Chul (Department of Electrical Engineering, ’13)
 I want to have the ability to change my face whenever I want. I want to live life as a handsome person. In addition, I think I can live an exciting and funny life if my face changes when I meet with people.

 Pak-Seon-U (Department of Public Administration, ’11)
 I want to become invisible whenever I wish to. There may be no benefits right away as I become invisible. However, I think it will be advantageous to me someday because I won’t be seen by other people.

 Someone can think these thoughts are delusion and fantasy because it sounds childish. However, these thoughts can be opportunities to think deeply on what values to pursue. Who knows, many of you may think these thoughts are nonsense but it could happen in the future when science and technology have developed to a certain point.

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