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Learning English with CBC Manitoba
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  Learning English with CBC Manitoba is a website managed by CBC, which is Canada’s national public broadcaster. By offering audio files and transcripts of CBC Manitoba radio stories broadcast on CBC radio, the website allows its visitors to learn English as well as learn about life in Manitoba. Manitoba is one of the provinces in Canada. If you are interested in living and studying in Manitoba, this website will work as a useful window through which you can learn about life and people in Manitoba. 

  The newscasts and listening lessons are updated weekly, and you can practice listening, reading, writing, and speaking either alone or as a group. 

  On the right side of the main page, under the sign of EAL (English as additional language), you can find the menus such as <Lessons>, <Newscasts>, <Teacher’s Page> and <What You Need>. In <Lessons>, you can download transcript files and mp3 audio files of selected radio programs. Various topics are covered from Politics to Economy, Culture, Life, and International News. The first step is reading the transcripts that you can download here, and learning the vocabulary and doing comprehension practice. The second step is listening to audio files, focusing on how each word is actually pronounced by the native English speakers, and doing reading and speaking practice. You can concentrate on improving your listening skills, or on learning vocabulary with each given topic.

  Newscasts from September 2010 are offered under <Newscast>, with mp3 audio files and PDF/Microsoft Word transcripts you can also download. Newscasts are targeted at intermediate level ESL students, and you will get the sense of life in Canada by repeating each stories provided every week. You can also practice your English as you do with <Lessons> as well. 

  <Teacher’s Page> is originally for ESL teachers who plan to teach a class with material provided on the homepage. Even if you study alone, however, it would inspire you to study effectively. In addition, in case you wish to create a study group, it will be also helpful to plan and lead teacher’s classes. 

  On <What You Need>, you can get information and advice on how to use the website. It offers a simple and easy explanation, and you will be able to learn instantly even if you don’t have any experience of using English study websites before.

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