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ELLLO (English Listening Lesson Library Online)
Lee Su-Jeong  |  sj971020@nate.com
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  How do you feel about the experience of meeting foreign friends online without the experience of studying abroad? There is a website in which you can listen to lots of stories from various countries and without the expensive costs of studying aboard. It’s called ELLLO. This website provides a variety of dialogues, audio files and scripts about diverse topics, so you can practice listening and reading together.
  The categories of this website have been largely divided into country, level of difficulty and types of activity. First, the category of country has been divided into the United States, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. The category of countries is divided in this way but there are also sub-categories such as Mexico, France, Guatemala, the Philippines and Korea. There are also audio files of those people speaking. The level of difficulty is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Moreover, it is departmentalized into Beginner basics, High beginner, Low intermediate, Mid intermediate, and High intermediate. So, it is possible to select a study level that fits you.
  Types of activities are divided into Games, Videos, Views, Mixer, News Center and Scenes. The Games section is made for beginners where you can study English without the burden of English. The Video section provides audio files where one or two people talk about one topic, and scripts and quizzes, which are related to the audio files, so you can check your listening comprehension. Sometimes you can study grammar, too. There are some cases that offer grammar explanations and questions together. Views are interview type of conversations with two people. It provides not only scripts and quizzes but also a chance to study vocabulary. The pronunciation, meaning and examples of important words in the scripts are also provided to help study vocabulary. In the mixer section, you can hear opinions and thoughts from people who live in different countries about a topic. Because there are lots of stories from people of various countries, you can learn the pronunciation and intonation of each country as well as the country’s culture. In the News Center section, you can get audio files and quizzes about events in the news such as ‘Abandoned baby in hospital’, and ‘Oil spill’, to name a few. Lastly, the Scenes section offers a photo with a conversation about it between two people, followed by quizzes.
  In ELLLO, there are a lot of subjects that are debatable at school or can be good topics to talk about with your friends such as, ‘Peculiar habit of your own’ and ‘What is the best way to learn English?’ Accordingly, if you practice speaking and writing your own opinion in English, you can develop your English ability as well as thinking skills. If you want to study English while having the experience of making foreign friends, I recommend you to actively use the website ‘ELLLO’.

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