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A Turning point of my life
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  I participated in Gachon university’s short-term language program. I couldn't even have imagined that I would take part in this program. This program provided us with the opportunity to take language classes for three to four weeks in various countries. I really wanted to go to Ireland because Ireland was less well known than other countries such as Canada or England. Ireland is located on the west side of England. People know the basics but I wanted to know more.
  I have unforgettable memories from Ireland. I met my host father, who was the first person that I met in Europe. He had a good first impression, similar to my father. So I felt really friendly. My host mother always told me, “You keep in mind that you must experience new things through this new culture and don’t be afraid to communicate with foreign people. If you do that, you will grow up and you will have a broad perspective.” I can’t forget her words. I was an ordinary person but it challenged me to be a better person. At first I couldn't communicate with my host family well. But, after a few weeks, I was able to joke with them and join in discussions in my English classes. After the English program finished, I traveled to Italy and Germany with a friend. It was different from Ireland. There were so many situations that we hadn’t expected. When we watched the carnival festival in Venezia, my friend lost her phone. So we went to the police station and we had to give a statement. There were so many people in the plaza, so we couldn't find the thief.
  I gained a variety of experiences through travelling in Europe. That was never a tough time. Through these experiences, I grew. I became a self-confident person and had an open mind. I was able to easily accept other cultures from other countries. When I came back to Korea, I knew that a lot of things had changed. My host mom’s advice has become reality. I learned how important experience was. It is crucial to practice what you have decided in your life.

Heo Hyun-Shil Dept. industry management engineering
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