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Come on~ Haven’t you listened to this music?1 plus 1 is not 2, but more than 2.
Baek Seong-ha  |  timidsohot@naver.com
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  I meet many people on the subway on my way to school. Almost nine out of ten have earphones in their ears. People watch movies, watch entertainment shows again, watch morning dramas, and listen to music. What is the largest group? - the people who listen to music. What kind of music do they listen to? People usually listen to pop songs. There are different genres of pop music, like dance, ballad, hip-hop, and rock. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a person who listens to classical or new-age music. Is there anybody that wants to listen to piano, cello, or brass music? There are some groups who are now introducing the beautiful instrumental sounds and attractions of classical music to us who have no interest in classical music. I will introduce some excellent groups playing classic-rock or pop cross over music.

2 CELLOS – Cello duo sweeping across the globe with showy playing and performance
  2 CELLOS play a ‘classic -rock and roll’ crossover genre. They are Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić from Croatia. In 2011 a video of two men playing ‘Smooth Criminal’, originally done by the king of pop, Michael Jackson, went viral on ‘Youtube’. At that time, the two young cellists became stars of ‘cross-over’. 2 CELLOS is an elegant image of classical music, young and dynamic energy, and a handsome appearance. Maybe these things are the popularity factors of 2 CELLOS. They play a pop music style mash-up of classic and hard rock arranged for cello. When they were asked why they uploaded their ‘Smooth Criminal’ cover video, they replied, “The cello has various tones. We really wanted to show that cellos can play a diversity of genres. Especially, we wanted to appeal to the younger generation. Also, we wanted people to feel the delicate and unique playing of classical music and the strong adrenaline of rock and roll music.”
  - Representative Songs: Smooth Criminal, Thunderstruck, We Found Love, The Trooper Overture, Viva La Vida

The Piano Guys – Guys expressing joy, grandeur, and a deep impression with piano and cello
  The Piano Guys are being called a sensation of classical cross-over. They consist of a pianist, a cellist and three engineers. These 5 men who met each other at a piano store and made a weekly music video and uploaded it to ‘Youtube’. These videos achieved 200,000 views and became an immediate big issue. In particular their cover of, 'What Makes You Beautiful' (by One Direction) created a sensation with an innovative arrangement, video, and a gorgeous transformation of only one piano. In that video, the piano guys found out many hidden sounds of instruments and made varied sounds. They play their emotional and sensuous reinterpretations of famous pop songs and classical music with piano and cello.
  - Representative Songs : What Makes You Beautiful, Beethoven's 5 Secrets, 'A Thousand Years'

N.P. union – The first Hip-Hop blowing trumpets in Korea
  Bass Drum, snare Drum, sousaphone, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and rap; NP UNION is a strange combination and is the first Korean nine-member brass hip-hop band. In the beginning, NP UNION who was just a brass band felt the limits of instrumental music. So, they tried a new brass hip-hop genre by doing collaborations with hip-hop so they could interact more with their audience. They covered ‘Upside Down’ (by EXID) which then re-ranked in the music charts. This was the beginning of their own style of hip-hop; blowing trumpets and big brass hip-hop. Like the lyrics of their first single song ‘RAW POW POW’ that are "I don’t know everything, the excitement is the best thing”, "Our moto is gaiety and excitement”, they make lots of attempts to make groovy music with their roguish energy.
  - Representative Songs: RAW POW POW, Upside Down (EXID cover)

  2 CELLOS explained the reason why they uploaded video on Youtube. "On radio people listen to popular music with lyrics, but don’t listen to instrumental music. We have no choice but to use videos to introduce us to many people." People get used to music with performance, so they don’t easily listen to unfamiliar music without lyrics. It means people's ears for listening to music are very limited. There are some groups who show their own music by combining theirs with familiar genre in order to appeal to a wider public. In doing so, groups try not to lose their own original features. Also, these combinations of music show 1 plus 1 are not 2 but more than 2. I recommend these musicians that feel familiar, seem familiar, but are not. Let’s get lost in beautiful instrumental sounds together.

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