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  Have you ever heard of BBC? You have probably heard of it at least once if you’ve had contact with English. BBC is the world-renowned national broadcasting station of the UK. BBC Learning English is a section of the BBC World Service, and it has served academic resources in English through free audio, video, and articles to people around the world who are eager to study English. This web site is run by BBC Learning English, and won the “ELTons” prize in 2011 which recognizes and celebrates innovations in the field of English education. It also entered finals at “Medea Awards” which aims to encourage the use of media in the educational field. Let’s look at some details of this valuable web site where we can learn British English encountered in daily life.
  BBC Learning English is composed of two main categories, Courses and Features. First, ‘Courses’ is literally the content where users can learn English through courses. The courses category is divided into two parts. The first part is Lower Intermediate for basic learners and covers the basic level of English, such as greetings or asking about interesting topics like moving in and introducing one’s country. The second is, ‘English, My Way’, which helps you learn English through role-play with each person participating in different roles. In this way a group of people can study together. ‘English, My Way’ also has videos such as going to see a dentist or grocery shopping, offering many simple questions to assist with role-play. The web site offers full-course lectures if you want to study all the courses, but you can also just study separate lectures.
  ‘Feature’ is the other category. It offers diverse academic themes, such as ‘English We Speak’, ‘Words in the News’, ‘6 Minutes English’, ‘Pronunciation’, and ‘Drama’. First, ‘English We Speak’ covers a diversity of English expressions in daily life. You will listen to conversations between native speakers and naturally become familiar with some English expressions (idioms). ‘Words in the News’ helps you study the vocabularies related with news, and also gives you questions by which you can apply the vocabulary you have learned. You can solve problems and understand topics of conversation better by listening to ‘6 Minutes English'. ‘Pronunciation’ gives you a lesson about pronunciation, the most basic but the most important part. And lastly, you can watch fun fairy tales and answer some questions in ‘Drama’.
  There are a lot of free English lecture web sites on the internet, but this web site contains a vast amount and variety of content. BBC Learning English has contributed to English education since 1943, so this web site contains lots of know-how and historical value. So if you can use this web site well, it will definitely help you improve your English skills. Also, if you’ve ever felt bored of the ordinary English study plans, or been interested in British English, BBC Learning English might be very attractive to you.

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