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What is the greatest thing people learn during their life?Movie Moulin Rouge, a true love.
Kim So-Hyun  |  kate5825@naver.com
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herever you go, whomever you meet, a love story will always follow. A love story is the most trite but also the most beautiful story. Have you ever heard the line, ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.’? It is a famous line from the song ‘Nature Boy’ in the movie, Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge is a melodramatic romantic musical movie that was released in 2001 and then re-released in 2014. Many may not think that they know about Moulin Rouge but once you hear the popular soundtracks from the movie, they might feel familiar to you. Other songs from Moulin Rouge with popular lyrics include; "Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da" in ‘Lady Marmalade', and the Elephant Love Medley which includes portions of ‘All You Need Is Love / I Will Always Love You / I Was Made for Lovin' You’ and many other love songs. This great movie with its love songs, famous lines about love, and fantastic dancing has won critical acclaim. Now, let’s enter the fantasy of ’Moulin Rouge’.
  Christian, the main male character, is sobbing while typing, ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, loved in return.’ What happened to him? Christian first came to Paris the year before, in 1899, longing to write about truth, beauty, freedom and love in the poor city. But he had never been in love. One day, he met a painter named Toulouse and his Bohemian friends who lived upstairs. They decided to make a play together and went to the Moulin Rouge, a famous dance hall in Paris to gain the attention of the Moulin Rouge’s manager, Zidler. However Christian sees and immediately falls in love with Satine, who is the ‘glittering diamond’ at Moulin Rouge. Unknown to Christian, Satine is a very beautiful and worldly courtesan. That day, a duke who is a sponsor of the show came to make Satine a real actress. However, Satine mistook Christian for the duke because of trick by Toulouse. She