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Oh Ha-Rim  |  ohalim79@naver.com
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  Koreans start learning English from third grade in primary school. Some of us started to learn English even before that. Many people feel burdened with this universal language but they all think they should overcome this difficult task. For those people, there is a more interesting way of learning English. It’s through youtube videos and a website called 'English Study Web site (ESL)' which offers easier ways to learn English.
  On this website you can learn English through youtube videos and quizzes related to each video. There are lots of youtube videos. To reduce time selecting the video suitable for your level, the site is divided into 4 different levels; Beginning, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, and High Intermediate. You can choose the video that matches your level and take quizzes at the end. Also, there is a search engine and a section of recently updated videos, so you can watch related content.
When you join the site and log in, it will recommend videos related to your interests so you can watch them more easily. Not only can you watch videos, you can also answer related quizzes after every video. Each video has various quizzes from news and celebrity talk to animation, movies, and music videos.
  You can also make your own quizzes. The process is as follows; First, log in and click on ‘Create a Quiz’ at the top of homepage. Next, after choosing a video, register the quizzes you have made. Then, as the homepage manager modifies and selects them, your quizzes will be registered. The homepage welcomes a variety of basic, fun and interesting videos.
  From this site, you can study listening, reading, and writing skills. Because watching videos is effective for listening skills, answering for reading skill questions and making quizzes to test your writing skill. Audio-visual learning helps people remember what they learn for a longer period of time. If you still feel a burden even after studying hard, why don’t you make the best use of this site?

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