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hen Koreans learn English, they mainly focus on communication. But when we try to write or read in English, grammar is important, too. I would like to introduce Breaking News English to students who are weak at English composition or grammar. This site not only provides the opportunity to learn the basis of listening, English composition, and spelling correction, but it also broadens our understanding of the world through CNN or BBC press releases. 
   This site is updated every other day with a couple of news items concerning world issues in English. Each news column is organized as; Level0, Level1, Level2, Level3, ALL or Level4, Level5, Level6, ALL. The main functions of this site are; LISTENING - reading scripts at 5 kinds of speed, 20 script-related questions and 10 dictation questions; READING – training in reading scripts at 3 kinds of speed; SPELLING – learning pronunciation and spelling of words; WORDS – arranging the mixed order of sentences; PRINTING – printing out 26-pages of lesson plans; SPEED READING - 5-kinds of speed listening and dictation. Under the script there are 2 pages of mini lessons in which you can use worksheets from different kinds of subject columns. You can use various activities like writing, chat, true/false, synonym match, discussion, phrase match, spelling, role-play, and speaking, if you print out this worksheet. You can also learn about foreign culture like holidays or representative figures in English. Also, you can choose and study what you are interested in at, “See Lessons Based on These Themes at the bottom of homepage”. There are many effective ways of learning English in this site but it won’t be easy to digest everything in the short-term. So in order to improve you English skills greatly, you should read news scripts everyday rather than doing a lot at one time. Just pick one activity and do it steadily.

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