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King Saud University
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  Gachon University made an agreement with King Saud University on April 30th, 2014 concerning an exchange program for visiting students and faculties, the establishment of a joint management process, the promotion of joint research projects, and the organization of international academic conferences. Gachon University also granted an honorary doctorate degree to Badran A. O. AlOmar, the president of King Saud University, at international hall in the global campus. On the basis of his firm sense of duty for human development and his outstanding research results, Badran A. O. AlOmar has contributed to the development of worldwide administrative science through constructing international exchange networks with worldwide universities. 
  King Saud University is the most prestigious university in the Arab world, which has 73,000 students. This university shows off a huge scale. There are 150 professors in the college of liberal arts and 5000 professors in total. King Saud University is also famous for its library system not only in Saudi Arabia but in the whole Middle East area. 
  King Saud University was established in 1957, which is the first educational institution built in Saudi Arabia. Its first name was Riyadh National University but it changed its name to King Saud University, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the university’s foundation in 1982. Riyadh, where King Saud University is located, is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the cradle of Islam. King Saud University promises students 6 things based on Islamic traditional culture; Quality and Excellence, Leadership and Teamwork, Freedom of Inquiry, Fairness and Integrity, Transparency and Accountability, and Lifelong Learning. Moreover, they help students to get a high-level education, to do valuable research, and to participate actively in international cooperation with a mind to give aid to other countries including Saudi Arabia.
  When students enter King Saud University, they are given free tuition, lodging, airfare, living expenses, medical insurance premiums, and initial settlement cost. However, Saudi Arabia is very strict about women because of Islamic traditions. So, when female students enter King Saud University, they must be accompanied with a male protector. One aspect of a strict Islam society is shown by the fact that the female illiteracy rate in this country is 49.8%.
  King Saud University offers a wide variety of education programs. There are a total of 24 colleges, which emphasize the production of knowledge, understanding of society, and the necessity of the Saudi Arabian government. Since the college of arts was founded in 1957, the college of science, management, pharmacy, agriculture, education, and a dental college have been established. This university is steadily strengthening its position as a prestigious university. In 2013, King Saud University ranked within the top 200 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and 197th in QS ARWU. Especially, Life Sciences and Medicine and Arts and Humanities, which are famous departments in King Saud University, ranked 159th and 108th, respectively. Every year, the university is recognized as the most distinguished university in the Arab world.

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