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The Center of Gachon University, GachonkwanGachonkwan: Know correctly, Use meaningfully
KIM Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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lobal Campus Gachonkwan, whose construction began in February 2012, is completed! Gachonkwan will be available from September. Gachonkwan, with 2 basement floors and 12 floors, has been highly anticipated for a long time because of its large scale and refined design. With the completion of Gachonkwan, Gachon University will greatly develop and students, professors and officials are now able to enjoy a more convenient campus. As our expectations have been high, it is now necessary to learn about the facilities of the building and how to use them wisely and with care. Gachonkwan will be the headquarters of the university from now on. The move into the building started June 25th and was completed by mid-July. The university headquarters administration office, 2 graduate schools, and 4 colleges perform administrative work in Gachonkwan. The two graduate schools that moved into Gachonkwan are the Business Graduate School and the Administrative Graduate School. During the construction period, students were very curious about which departments would move in. The following departments moved in: Dept. of Korean Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Eastern Language and Literature, European Language and Literature from the college of Humanities, Dept. of Business Administration, Global Business Administration from the college of Business and Economics, Dept. of Applied Statistics, Tourism Management, Administration, Healthcare Management, Global Economics, Mass Communication from the college of Social Sciences, and Dept. of Mathematics and Information from the college of Information Technology. Selecting which departments would use the building was made after consultation among deans of each college, and accounting for the overall structure of the school and migration costs.
  Also in Gachonkwan, there are major facilities for the planning ministry, department administration office, and professors’ offices. There is also the dean’s office, administration office, department office of the College of Humanities, Social Science, and Business and Economics. Student amenities include a general reading room available for all students plus each college has its own reading room. There is also a women’s lounge, health service room, internet searching room, laboratory, part-time lecturer lounge, and snack bar. Major facilities of the school like the academic affairs office, foreign cooperation office, research office, general affairs office, university appraisal office, planning ministry, and the secretary’s office are located there as well.
  The use of the global campus has generally been rearranged by the completion of Gachonkwan. The school aims to recover the specific function of each building by arranging the campus so that similar majors are in one place. Before the Gachonkwan was completed, the International Language Center was filled not only with English classrooms but also other important school facilities. English classes had to be given in Changjokwan, Arumkwan, and Vision Tower. Now that Gachonkwan is completed, the International Language Center will be used only for English classes.
  Since many students thought that they didn’t have enough space for themselves, Sejongkwan will be used as a student’s hall. Many clubs and independent student organizations like student council and student women council that have used Junguikwan and Jinrikwan, will move into Sejongkwan. Parts of Jinrikwan, Junguikwan, and Bokjikwan will be demolished and will be replaced with a park. The eco bus route is also changing. Formerly, it ran in front of Jinrikwan, but now it will go through the basement of Gacheonkwan.
  From now on, Gachonkwan will help further development of the school, the students and professors. As a member of Gachon University, I hope every student will feel proud, use Gachonkwan wisely, and have a pleasant school life while utilizing the many excellent facilities now available to us.

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