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hese days English education for Koran students mainly focus on reading and listening comprehension. Therefore their speaking and writing skills are not fluent compared to reading and listening comprehension. For most students translating English to Korean would be much easier than Korean to English. That is why they usually make only simple sentences using simple words in speaking or writing. They can’t express their opinion well enough. This problem is made clear in Academic English class. Even the students whose reading and listening skill is excellent usually is poor at speaking. Students are conscious about this problem but it is hard to find the solution. In this article you can find the solution through website ‘Learn American English Online’
  On the left side of the main page you can see menus. The menus are made up of seven levels, prepositions, idioms, words, and page that links with other websites. The easiest ‘blue level’ consists of basic verbs, tenses and grammars. The next ‘red level’ consists of the comparison of words, gerunds and infinitives. The third ‘yellow level’ consists of perfect tenses, comparative and superlative forms. The forth ‘green level’ mainly treats passive forms. The fifth ‘purple level’ is a special level, which gives examples of daily used words with multiple meanings. The sixth ‘orange level’ is concerned with sentences, clauses and conditionals. The last level ‘violet level’ gives specific explanations of prepositions and conjunctions. Besides, the pages dealing with prepositions and idioms are lined up by alphabet order. Words are classified by situations and types.
  The merit of this website is that it provides plenty of examples which you can understand easily. And there are pictures in each example. You can also see videos occasionally. So it is not boring to look at examples. After you study each level you can review what you’ve learned through the stage of ‘review’ and ‘exercise’. If there are students who are having hard times in speaking and writing, don’t hesitate to contact this website. If you use this website sufficiently you would find yourself enjoying videos and pictures while studying English.

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