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Is there any point of the past that you want to return to? Why?
KIM Na-Young  |  clara0385@naver.com
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Updated : 2014.06.26  17:14:39
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  The third question of Campus Talk is “Is there any point the past that you want to return to? Why?’ People sometimes regret about their past at least once. However, they are so busy that there are few opportunities to look back on the past. We chose this topic for students to realize the importance of happy moments of their past and not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. We interviewed many students on campus and heard their opinions.



-Chae Hyun, Shin(Tourism Management14)
High 3: I should’ve studied harder.




-YeJi, Jo(Tourism Management14)
Junior High: I had a really great time with my friends. It is unforgettable.





-Han Bit, Kim(Computer Engineering12)
Elementary: I played many games with no worries.






-Da Seul, Lee(Business Administration Department14)
Yesterday: I regret that I drank too much.




-Ga Young, Kim(Business Administration Department14)
Junior High: I didn’t enjoy much because of grades, which turned out to be not so important.





-Si Yeon, Park(Business Administration Department14)
Entrance of University: I should have made the bigger plans in advance.





-Sun Woo, Noh(Electrical Engineering14)
Every Monday morning: I always miss Sunday.






-Min woo, Park(Business Administration Department14)
High3: I miss high school days because I really studied hard with a specific goal.





-Sang Hyun, Lim(Business Administration Department10)
Right after being discharged from military service. There were so many things that I wanted to do but I couldn’t do them.




-Gang San, Kwon(Global Business Administration Department14)
Junior High1: I had to quit taekwondo because I was injured.




-Ju E, Ryu(Law10)
University1: I should have studied hard so that I didn’t need to re-take Academic English.





-Min hee, Kim(Healthcare Management14)
High2: When I was in school, I played with my friend without any worries.



-Bum Ho, Park(Korean Literature14)
Before coming to University: I didn’t think over my dream, so I applied for the present major only because it suit my score. I should have found my dream much earlier. My current dream is to become soccer commentator.

-Jae Woo, Suh(Korean Literature14)
Today at 11am: I’ve just hurt my head. It’s very shameful and my head hurts. I had to be more careful.

-Mi Ra, Hwang(Business Administration Department11)
University1: I was so busy stacking up my experiences, and it is regrettable that I couldn’t build up lots of intimate relationships with people.

-Ha Young, Lee(Painting11)
Kindergarten: I went to the kindergarten in China. I didn’t have time to play due to the Chinese education and writing class.



  “Is there any point the past that you want to return to? Why?” A variety of answers were given about the topic of Campus Talk. The most expected answer was that they regret that they didn’t study harder in their high school days, but interestingly, many unexpected answers were brought up. Students were willing to go back to the regretful period of time rather than joyful moments. Through this Campus Talk, I hope many students to retrospect their past and move on, plan out their future. Moreover, I sincerely hope students to live their lives to the fullest.

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