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2013 summer employment camp for young applicantsMain talented person and English employment camp
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  Nowadays, university students’ biggest anxiety is about employment. Gachon University has been opening employment camp to reduce their employment anxiety. In summer vacation 2013, two camps were held: 2013 Summer Major Talent Employment Camp on June 25 and 26, and 2013 English Employment Camp on June 27 to 28.
  The Major Talent Employment Camp has been held twice a year since 2006 (summer and winter), and those who are eligible for the camp are juniors and senior students whose GPA is over 3.0 or TOEIC score is over 600. The aim of the camp is to help students prepare for employment more systemically.
  The Job Aid team said that the reason for opening the camp is to nurture a business-talented labor force through actual employment training. Students can acquire techniques that are needed at real interviews, and they can establish their own strategies based on what they learn and practice.
  The camp also helps students to enhance their employment competitiveness through the analysis of current employment trends and establishing viable strategies. The offered programs include SWOT analysis, writing Job applications, interview skills and image making, 2013 recruitment trend analysis & strategy, mock interviews & feedback, etc.
  The quota for the 2013 Summer Major Talent Employment Camp was set at 40. Due to the needs of students, however, the camp increased the number to 64, and the satisfaction level of participating students is over 90%. 95% of the students answered affirmative to the question ‘Was it helpful to your employment preparation?’ 72% picked ‘Mock interview & feedback’ as the most beneficial program, and one of the biggest reasons for the choice was that a current human resource director participated in the interviews. One thing to note is the general opinion that practice exercise is more helpful than taking lectures.
  The English Employment Camp is held for the first time in 2013. Like the Major Talent Employment Camp, the targets of the English Employment Camp are junior and senior students whose TOEIC score is above 650. As it is focused on English, TOEIC score is more important than GPA. A little bit different from the Gachon TOEIC Camp, the English Employment Camp is solely limited to English ability for employment. According to the Job Aid team, the main purpose of this camp is to prepare students for the English interview for foreign affiliated and major companies. The programs will be helpful for the actual interviews as they get their letter of self-introduction corrected and have a chance of mock interviews as well. Programs offered include Self-PR, Resume Writing, Presentation Skills, ‘Interview Skills, and Mock Interview.
  35 students participated in the 2013 English Employment Camp, and the satisfaction level of participating students was 88%. Similarly to the 2013 Summer Major Talent Employment Camp, ‘Mock interview & feedback’ was picked as the most beneficial program. One of the biggest reasons for this choice is the participation of native speakers as interviewers. The general request of students was to expand the period of the camp and increase the number of native speakers.
Gachon University has been holding employment camps for our students who are struggling with the issue of employment. Let’s participate. It will not be long before we become self-confident and strong in actual interviews.

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