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Lakeland College
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n October 25th, 1993, Lakeland College and Gachon University made an agreement. The contents of the agreement include an exchange of students and professors as well as international student education. In 1995, thirteen professors of Gachon University took language courses at Lakeland College.
Located in Wisconsin, U.S., Lakeland College was built in 1862 as a theological college and was called Missionhaus (Mission house). The school provided training in the liberal arts following a traditional seminary curriculum, as most of the early students were destined to become ministers. As the needs of students changed, Mission House gradually broadened its purpose. By the end of the century, enrollment was no longer limited to pre-theological students and teaching subjects diversified. Known as Mission House for 95 years, the college adopted the name Lakeland in 1956. It is a Vision for Lakeland College that Lakeland College’s students earn a living, make ethical decisions, and lead purposeful and fulfilling lives distinguished by intellectual, moral and spiritual growth.
  Lakeland College’s departments are Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Psychology, Specialized Administration, etc. Graduate courses include Counseling and Business Administration. The College also opened programs which enable students to prepare for the CPA (certified public accountant) test and CMA (certificate of management accounting) test.
  Sports activities at Lakeland College are also highly active. Muskies is the name of Lakeland College’s sports team. Sport games are divided into men’s and women’s. Baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, football, track, volleyball and wrestling are included in men’s sports. Women’s sports include basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, softball, soccer and golf. In the summer, they open camps for each event so that many of the students join in sports activities.
  In 1987, the first Blasters Golf Tournament was held to raise money for student scholarships. Twenty-six years later alumni and friends of the college continue to come together to raise money for student scholarships. In addition to providing vital financial support to deserving students through the college's Greatest Opportunity Scholarship Fund, profits are used to upgrade athletic equipment and facilities as well as help complete the Coach Practice Field.
  Lakeland College’s campuses are located in many regions, including Sheboygan, Central Wisconsin. Unusually, it built a campus in Tokyo in 1988. Among the campuses of Lakeland College, the one that set up a sisterhood relationship with Gachon University is the Central Wisconsin campus. Wisconsin is located in the central northern district of America, west of the Great Lakes, and its State capital is Madison. The state is famous for its dairy farming, and most of Wisconsin’s farmland is used as dairy farming land. Wisconsin Dells, the biggest water park in central district, is the most popular tourist spot. There are many tourist attractions such as amusement parks, museums, zoos, etc. besides the water pools.

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